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Baby with rare illnesses traveling to Utah for fight of her life

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BARRY COUNTY, Mich. – After selling everything they own to save their daughter’s life, including the family business, one Hastings couple is moving several states away in search for the medical attention their child needs.

Baby Ruby Bunker was born blind and deaf and at just a year old, she has dozens of other illnesses including glaucoma and chronic lung disease. Ruby’s mother, Margaret Vantongeren, says her daughter is living with some of the most rare life-threatening illnesses.

“They still don’t know exactly what’s wrong with her or why this happened to her, so we’re constantly just in and out of the hospital,” said Vantongeren.

Ruby’s also living with multiple holes in her heart and doctors say her brain is slowly deteriorating. Her parents are now doing everything they can to keep her healthy.

“We had our own store and sold everything in it,” Vantongeren said. “We closed down and now we’ve been selling our belongings. Now it’s a matter of what’s important.”

Her parents are unable to work because of her illnesses which demand constant attention. However, they’ve raised enough money through a Gofundme page to pay off some of her medical bills and buy an RV camper where Ruby lives with her parents and two siblings. Her family plans on hitting the road now to seek the medical attention she deserves.

“We are in the process in preparing to head to Utah,” Vantongeren said. “There’s good weather out there and there’s eight different award-winning GI specialists.”

Her parents say they’re still raising money for their ‘miracle baby’ through a Gofundme page, Help Baby Ruby Pearl Stay Alive. You can even follow Ruby's road to recovery on her Facebook page, Prayers for baby Ruby.

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  • Shiloh's Mom

    Obamacare? Medicaid? MIChild? Michigan’s Children with Special Needs Fund? Why are these not options for this child? Why should the family have to sell all their belongings and set up a Go Fund Me Page for medical expenses when all these services are available?? If anyone needs this help, this family does.

  • This is BS

    This family is full of it. They have all there medical bills paid for. They both do drugs. And she knew at the first ultra sound there was difficulties and issues. Folks there feeding you cow crap. This is another money grab. When they get to Utah they will do it again. Then on to the next place. They need to stop with the BS already and be honest about EVERY thing. They speak out of both sides of there mouth. TJ had glasses on to hide his blood shot eyes.

    • Up yours

      Stop it already. Honestly what are you smoking? You must be eating some of your own BS because your full of it. Didn’t your mama raise you right? If you don’t have something nice to say then DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!! Like any of us give a crap what you think buddy!!! Yeah we’re ALL REALLY IMPRESSED with how smart you think you are. These are good people in a cruddy situation SO GIVE THEMA FRICKEN BRAKE YOU SAD ANGRY LOSER!!!! KEEP THAT CRAP TO YOURSELF PLEASE! :(

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