Watch Tupelo perform live at the Michigan Irish Music Festival

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Enjoy a weekend of Irish music and culture at the Michigan Irish Music Festival this weekend! Tupelo came to the studio and performed “Ballerina’s Call” and “Break Loose” to give us a taste of what to expect at the festival.

Tupelo, an award-winning alt-fold band from Ireland, will be performing tonight on the Kerry stage at 9:15 p.m. They  are inspired by Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey, encompassing different musical backgrounds.

They have written two albums, with a third on the way, and their energetic live shows have captivated and enthralled many people from around the world.

Watch Tupelo play “Ballerina’s Call”

Watch Tupelo perform "Break Loose"

The Michigan Irish Music Festival runs from September 15 through 18 in downtown Muskegon. Tickets cost $15 on Friday and Sunday, and $20 on Saturday.

Click here for a complete schedule of performances.

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