Bombing suspect’s family accused city of discrimination

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(CNN) — Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami’s family accused the city of Elizabeth, NJ. and its police department in 2011 of discrimination and harassment.

The Rahami family runs the First American Fried Chicken restaurant in Elizabeth. In 2011, the city council voted to close the restaurant at 10 p.m. because of “all the people hanging out there” around the clock, Elizabeth Mayor J. Christian Bollwage said Monday.

Owner Mohammad Rahami and his two sons filed a lawsuit claiming that the city conspired to “discriminate” and “illegally harass” them by subjecting them to citations for allegedly violating a city ordinance on hours of operation.

The case alleged the Rahamis were “threatened and harassed” by a police officer. It argues that officers and city representatives said “the restaurant presented a danger to the community.”

It also accused a neighboring business owner of telling the Rahamis that “Muslims make too much trouble in this country” and “don’t belong here.”

The defendants, including police officers and city officials, denied the allegations.

Federal court filings show the case disposition as a “statistical closing” without a clear ruling.

Zobyedh Rahami, believed to be Ahmad Rahami’s sister, posted on Facebook asking for privacy on Monday.

“I would like people to respect my family’s privacy and let us have our peace after this tragic time,” she wrote.

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  • Kevin Rahe

    The mother of his daughter says he’s a deadbeat dad who hates the U.S. Aren’t there other countries people can move to if they don’t like ours? Are we preventing people from leaving?

  • That Guy

    And this is why i stand by TRUMP……Quit or postpone any of the people coming into this country because they did say they will eat us from the inside out….what is going on now???? This has to stop by never will what a joke get rid of they bring our troops home and let them come to us. Then we can deal with it bye bye Obama…

    • steve thomas

      Speaking of getting us from the inside out, did you hear that 858 Islamists were supposed to be deported? Not only were they not deported by ICE, they were granted citizenship! And, citizenship can’t be taken away.

  • Rose

    So they were discriminated against and harassed? Oh well, then, that makes it ok to set off bombs. That’s the difference between them and the rest of the world. Most of us came out of the Dark Ages, but they’re still living in them; no religious freedom in their countries and the women are treated like slaves. They’re masters in the art of discrimination!