Ludington coach calls timeout so football player with autism could score touchdown

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LUDINGTON, Mich.- Friday night’s football game between the Ludington Orioles and Muskegon Orchard View Cardinals ended with a heartwarming display of showmanship.

A video posted to the Ludington Football facebook page shows Ludington Coach Charlie Gunsell calling a timeout with only 22 seconds left in the fourth quarter. He used the timeout to put No. 78 Fletcher Payne – a player with Orchard View with autism – in the game to make the final play. Fletcher scored the touchdown with both teams cheering for him!

Ludington took the win with a final score of 56-31.

The video is making waves across social media, already garnering more than 20,000 views.

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  • Jay

    If you really cared you would be going after the people that made him that way educate yourself watch the movie VAXXED autism is not an accident 100% fact

    • Michael

      You really are clueless aren’t you? Vaxxed is an anti-vaccine propaganda film whose own director lost their license to practice medicine due to ethical violations, improper research, and improper studies

      Please learn the definitions of 100% and fact. The claims made in Vaxxed are neither.

      • Kevin Rahe

        I haven’t seen the film in question, but that there is a correlation between the introduction and expanded use of vaccines cultured using cells from an aborted fetus – which consequently contain fragments of that baby’s DNA – and incidences of Autism is pretty much indisputable. Sadly, the government seems no longer interested in finding the actual cause or causes of Autism, electing instead to focus on helping people deal with the condition. Methinks they’re afraid of where investigating the causes will lead.

  • Jay

    If you did watch the movie vaxxed and couldn’t connect the dots you have more than one problem my friend vaccines are not safe and are completely unnecessary how about having a healthy diet so you don’t need medication

    • Michael

      It’s a movie. Just because a movie says it doesn’t make it true. The author tries to sell it as the truth but his theories are unproven and in fact have been disproven. The quotes he used were pieced together and taken out of context.

      The film was so bad and full of misinformation that it’s premier was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival by Robert De Niro, who at first supported it as he has a child with Autism.

      Vaccines are FAR from completely unnecessary. It isn’t about how I live my life it’s about how other people live theirs. People are dirty and gross. I’m not going to trust the person spitting on me to not have hepatitis. I was vaccinated.