Michigan schools need substitute teachers, how you can help

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Even though the school year has already started, many schools in West Michigan are in need of substitute teachers.

EDUStaff is looking for people who are available to work and have a heart for kids and education. You don't need a teaching degree to be a substitute teachers, just a desire to serve the local community.

Being a substitute teacher is the ideal job for retirees, stay-at-home parents, high school, college, and education graduates. EDUStaff will give you all the necessary training you need to become a qualified substitute teacher.

For more information on how to become a substitute teacher, call 1-877-974-6338 or visit edustaff.org.


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  • Melissa

    I was a substitute last year. I did not sign up again this year because edustaff requires the employee to pay a $45 teaching permit fee annually. It was $55 to get fingerprints done. I just couldn’t fathom how little the pay is and still having to pay to basically volunteer. I continue to help out as lunch lady. (Which by the way, the pay is comparable and you don’t need a permit.) You would think with the money Edustaff is making off the substitutes, they would pick up this fee. It’s not the amount of the fee to me. It is the fact they are making money off my credentials and time, they should give a little back.

  • Blacknwhite

    Some schools we subs LOVE. Others we won’t go back because of kids behavior and sometimes lack of understanding of teacher’s plans (or lack thereof) Also if you sub for a paraeducator, you are paid far less. You work hard, but few are going to answer the call because of low pay of paraeducators. Most just want to sub for teachers.

  • Robert

    You know, this never ending whining about not having enough substitutes is really getting on my nerves, and has a singular and EASY solution. Back in the 1990’s, there was similar bellyaching by superintendents, etc. Yeah, so a person then needed at least a four year degree and a teaching certificate to SUBSTITUTE teach! An expensive education so that one could receive $55 daily…which, if you worked every day (which was impossible, of course) netted you $9,900 a year. Hardly adequate compensation. Then the State, realizing the problem made it easier by not requiring a certificate, but definitely requiring time in college. That’s fine…but after adjusting for inflation, you are now making actually LESS now than you were in the 1990’s. I have a great idea: why don’t you start paying people what the TEACHERS get on their graduated pay scale daily? If you did that, you would not have a substitute problem anymore. Also, eliminate “Edustaff” which is a complete ripoff for potential substitutes. Go back to a system where the school districts arrange for their own substitutes, and the candidates for placement will find their way into the places where they wish to go. And, if there are districts in which substitutes dare not venture–or would rather not substitute teach–up the pay…call is “combat” or “hazard” pay. I can tell you, having been a substitute for three years before landing my first teaching job was an education in itself. Schools wanted substitutes, but generally treated them like garbage. Not enough compensation, and being treated like dirt is not a winning combination if schools really want to get people to substitute teach for them. When I left public school teaching, I was making $358 a day, plus benefits. I guarantee you that if you pay substitutes something near that amount, the folks will be lining up to do it. Otherwise, this is just more of the same bitching about wanting more substitutes, but lacking the will to do what is necessary to actually get them to work for you. Pretty simple, isn’t it? That’s why education admin doesn’t get it–they are masters of oversimplifying the complex, and complicating the obvious.