Movie featuring Danny Trejo, Jesse Metcalfe filming in Grand Rapids

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- If you haven't heard already, Danny Trejo was in Grand Rapids earlier this week, filming his latest movie"'In Stranger Company."

But he's not the only big-name actor who's been spotted around town.

If you've ever watched "Desperate Housewives" or "John Tucker Must Die," you would recognize Jesse Metcalfe on the set.

On set of 'In Stranger Company'

On set of 'In Stranger Company'

"When I first suggested it, people thought, No way, because the [tax] incentive left," Werksma said. "People are itching to work on more feature films here. The crew base is very talented."

The movie is an indie film based on the book "The Loyalty Treasures" by Dr. Mark Smith.

Werksma, speaking exclusively to FOX 17, told us the entire movie is being shot in 15 days in areas downtown Grand Rapids and around Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids. Werskma, with the help of others, started writing the film in August.

The feature follows Mia Stone, a young mother and entrepreneur, who loses her father on a vacation. Five years later, she's faced with an eerie supernatural opportunity to reset her future when she encounters an eerie old man who gives her a second chance at saving her company, marriage, family, and future.

That eerie old man is played by the one and only Danny Trejo from the "Machete" series of movies. Trejo posted this on Facebook Saturday.

Werksma said Trejo surprised him, given the villains he has played. "I was like this guy is going to be intimidating, but he was the most gracious human being I’ve ever worked with."

Also making an appearance is Jesse Metcalfe, who plays the lead character's charming family friend and business partner.

Jesse Metcalfe on set

Jesse Metcalfe on set

If you want to learn more about the movie, type in #Instrangercompany on either Twitter or Facebook.

Werksma tells FOX 17 the crew plans to enter the film in several film festivals. As for the movie's release date, that will happen around this time next year.

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