Kalamazoo officers help newlyweds after crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KALAMAZOO, Mich.— A Kalamazoo wedding party was stranded on the side of the road this weekend after a crash.

Consuelo and Jeremy's limo crashed into another car on Westnedge and Inkster, but what could have ruined their day ended with some police officers putting smiles back on their faces.

No doubt it’s stressful enough to make your perfect day perfect, but add a car accident into that and it could be the tipping point.  A West Michigan couple handled it with grace, and even thankfulness when they found out no one was hurt.

Consuelo and Jeremy's love story started six years ago, and like most relationships no one is ever perfect. It’s something Consuelo and Jeremy accepted from the start.

“Our first date I got in a car accident. I was driving home, and a girl hit my car. The first person I called was Jeremy,” said Consuelo.

Almost six years to the day this past weekend, they christened their wedding with a similar situation on their way from taking pictures to their reception.

“Out of nowhere there was just a giant crash,” said Consuelo.

She said most of the guests were enjoying adult beverages that were red in color. Luckily, the drinks spilled everywhere but nothing got on her dress.

“I wouldn’t call it a fender bender, we got in an accident,” said Consuelo.

The men in blue showed up just in the nick of time, before things were ready to boil over for her and her wedding party.

“KDPS showed up super-fast and this is where this actually gets quite amazing to me. They immediately started helping us. They kept everyone orderly, asked where everyone was, making sure everyone was accounted for,” said Consuelo.

They even made it their priority to calm down a bride that was aiming to make it to her reception on time.

“I thought it was really nice how the officer came out and wanted to make sure everyone was okay and actually calmed down the situation. Some people were a little upset and he calmed them down. He wanted to know where the bride was and he went straight for her making sure she was alright,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy and Consuelo said Office Kevin Seckler was able to give everyone a laugh when they needed it most. They even snapped a few pictures with him.

Although the wedding party missed out on an hour of pictures, they only arrived 5 minutes late to the reception.

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