Local pizza parlor serves controversy with political statement on Facebook

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A post on Facebook by a West Michigan pizza shop owner is tossing up controversy at the tail end of an already heated election cycle.

Doug Fricano owns Fricano’s Pizza on Alpine Avenue took to Facebook to blast Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, calling her corrupt and a liar, and praises her opponent, Republican Donald Trump.

“All the news, all the dishonesty coming out of his opposition’s camp, I just couldn’t deal with it anymore," Fricano said. "And I just needed to voice my opinion and let people know how I felt.”

Fricano says he is defending his right to express his opinions, and that those who disagree with him have the right to refuse to eat at his restaurant.

“I am very, very committed to Donald Trump being president,” said Fricano. “And I am not afraid to express my opinion. And I’m not scared or worried about people refusing to come into my pizza parlor. That’s their choice to make."

It’s a choice one local immigrant is making when it comes to not eating at Fricano’s in the future.

“They are entitled to their comments,” says Oscar Saucedo, a Mexican-American immigrant who now lives in Grand Rapids. “Like anybody else, and I’m proud of them for doing that. But I don’t believe in the things they believe.”

Doug Fricano says he respects the right of customers to do that, and hopes they respect his right to speak his mind.

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  • Shiloh's Mom

    It is a FACT that Hillary is corrupt and a liar; she has proven that over and over again. So what’s the controversy? Would this be a news item if Fricano posted in favor of her instead? Mostly likely not. The constant Trump bashing versus Hillary butt-kissing by the media is unconscionable and unethical journalism. It is evident every single day in every news article I read about the election. It is so obvious it’s laughable that the left doesn’t see it or refuses to.

  • djmichaelangelo

    The sad thing is, I actually think Fricano’s Pizza is thee best pizza in Michigan, and quite possibly the entire country. So sad that the unhinged owner Doug has such a poor grasp of PR that he’d shoot himself in the foot like this, with his ludicrous political rambling and “endorsement” of Trump. Way to commit business suicide there, buddy! Some people are saying that the restaurant is in bad shape financially, and this is his last-ditch attempt to drum up some business before fully running his company into the ground completely. Sad, really.

  • No PC For Me

    Its a FACT Hillary is corrupt and the dems promised her the presidency.
    The left always whined about the system and the “good o’l boys” club.
    Trump, an outsider, says he will stop the corruption. NOW the liberals hate him for doing what the liberals said they would do,
    If trump was a lib the left would love him.
    Remember how the libs called Bush corrupt ? but its proven he was not? so now the libs support the most corrupt person in politics .
    Libs just hate, its that’s simple.

  • JJP

    Hey Fox17, next time you interview Oscar, ask him about how he visits local restaurants while pretending to be a food reviewer so that he can get free meals? He’s tried that a couple of times. That, folks, is your voice of the left supporting Hillary. No surprise, right?

    • OnIt

      I have enough time to say this owner should be lauded for his strength of character to put his money where his mouth is. Odumbo is spending everyone’s money by the boatload (kind of like unions do) to campaign for hiLIARy. You would be more credible to call that stupid.

    • Sue

      It should not matter who someone is voting for,, You are not buying his or her vote , You are buying the food which does not change in any shape, form or flavor. It is the cook or pizza maker that is making the food. If you are going to stop going there maybe you should check out the other places you go to eat and shop . You will be surprize.You should never judge anyone or place by a one in 4 year Vote. No, I do not know him or his family but I will still go there no matter what the vote is.

  • Chris

    Companies are not people and should not be interfering with human elections. Businesses should be neutral in elections. That stuff should stay on owners home lawn and personal Facebook.

  • Ron

    GOOD FOR YOU – this year it’s really heated – because she is SUCH A CROOK and only cares about her net worth. There is SO MUCH corruption in her camp. SURELY Trumps a pig… but personality aside. What he WANTS to do is restore this country vs her which is kill this country and open the borders and eliminate our moral fiber. DO NOT PICK THE PERSON – pick their actions and believes. This is a heated year because you’d have to be a complete idiot to know what’s going on and still want Hillary over Trump. I have never eaten at this pizza place… but I will seek it out next time I’m in the area.

  • Bob Farning

    Imagine, someone speaking out and putting his vote where it will benefit his long term business interests. As a refresher to those who failed (or never paid attention) to business 101, nor have any common sense: People with jobs eat at restaurants and buy stuff. Despite the fake unemployment rate publicized, the real rate is closer to 15% than 5 or 6%. For the minority community the a UE rate at 20% or more,

    I suppose those who oppose Trump are happy with that. Also happy that illegals are holding jobs that they might want. My guess is these people are fine with more welfare, foodstamps and subsidies for housing, etc.

    On the other hand, the “stay neutral” crowd thinks he should appease what might be a small percentage of his customers. Bottom line is there are more people who would go out of their way to be his customer than those who disdain his political beliefs.

  • Joe Koets

    That guy has guts and calls a spade a spade. A true American.
    I’m going to order a dozen pizzas to support him and give them out to the homeless.

  • steve thomas

    There’s nothing “controversial” about the post. She’s a pathological lying megalomaniac. Lose the pro-Hillary bent 17. Try to be a little impartial for a change.

  • Melissa Elkins

    Lol.. so ironic how supporters of this post (republicans) all preach about speaking freely & then attack liberals.. why? Bc they have an opposing viewpoint? Touche

    • Brent D

      You are mistaken to think that most liberals support true free speech. Dont fool yourself, they only support free speech that accommodates their believes, but that is most if not all politicians. I would prefer 2 new candidates all together….there is no win with either candidate. These cadidates, regardless who is chosen, the next will end up being the most hated president ever elected…mark my words.

  • Chief Waukazoo

    My favorite pizza!! I don’t want open borders, I don’t want Supreme court justices that are liberal, I don’t want to loose my right to own a gun, and I don’t want a single payer health care system like Canada. Hillary wants all these things. I must vote for Trump!

  • Kristi

    Kudos to Mr. Fricano for speaking his mind. If it were against Trump, I’m sure he’d be hailed a hero. This is still a free country !! I love Fricanos pizza, it’s the best. And I personally believe all those who are so outraged, will be so overcome by Fricanos cravings, they will cave.😜