300 trees planted in during Grand Rapids Greening Initiative

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Driving downtown Friday morning, you may have noticed the hundreds of volunteers planting trees along Grand Rapids' major roads. Perhaps you even spotted some familiar FOX 17 faces.

The goal of Friday's event was to increase the tree canopy in the city as part of Mayor Rosalyn Bliss' Greening Initiative. Trees help clear the air, limit localized flooding and beautify communities.

Overall, the city of Grand Rapids has a good tree canopy score at about 34 percent, but that is a blanket estimate. To get to the root of which areas need more trees, the Mayor focused on the needs of individual neighborhoods.

FOX Team

"The areas we are focusing on today are in the downtown area, right now the area only has a 4% tree canopy, so our goal downtown is to get to 10 percent," Mayor Bliss said.

There were about 500 volunteers who planted 300 trees, but site leader Brooks Twist says the city's project is only half the battle, "The city is working really hard to plant all their space, but most of the city is privately owned and the more trees you can put on your own property the better.”

If you want to join Mayor Bliss and the Urban Forest Project click here.

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  • ken kloska

    Good luck, I’ve been working on cleaning and greening in the Michigan St Diamond ave area. I have cleaned quite a bit with little help, still have trash being dumped etc. How about getting together to solve the problems that hurt neighbors instead of putting in a tree that by the way seems not to get watered by the landlords or residents paying for the water

  • Bob

    No one will ever be able to plant enough trees to regreen the city until the city starts taking care of the trees they have. Every tree on my street needs trimming. I have reported every one of them. I was told they all would be trimmed this year Ha Ha. The trees the city planted three years ago still have the support straps on them, which are girdling the trees.