GRPD increasing patrols this weekend for Operation Safe Streets

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Grand Rapids Police Department is launching a new initiative in reaction to an increase in recent gun violence in the city.

Operation Safe Streets will include deploying more officers, patrol units and plain clothes personnel in targeted areas of the city this weekend.  There will also be foot and bicycle patrols out at various times and the Mobile Command Post will be at the northeast corner of Eastern Avenue and Thomas Street SE.

Residents are also being asked to support police who are responding to crimes and also call police when they do see crimes being committed.

“I encourage the public to help,” Chief David Rahinsky said in a press release. “If you know something, please step forward and help us with any incidents you witness or have information about.”

Police say that in October, the city saw nine murder attempts and one shooting death.  In September, there were two murder attempts and two murders.  Over the last two months, there have been 62 firearm related incidents in the city.

“The shooting violence in unacceptable for us,” said Rahinsky in the press release. “And we know it is unacceptable for the community.”

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  • Sr

    It is such a shame that we still feel the need to name call and label one another. Look in the mirror and start with yourself and if you seriously have nothing nice to say then don’t say it. We have enough hate and separation in this world today.

    • steve

      Knuckle dragging thugs come in all flavors, SR. These are the divisive ones that intimidate their own neighborhoods to to the point where innocent residents are afraid to say anything, yet it’s the big mouths who do talk and what they say is not helping anything or anybody other than themselves.

    • No PC For Me

      You are telling the wrong people.
      You know for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
      As an example, The Baltimore riots, the Ferguson riots.
      What we have here are the victims becoming tired of being victims.
      And political correctness doesn’t allow the victim to say a word or point a finger.
      The tweets, hundreds calling for more victimization of police and non minorities-
      It safe to say, we have had enough, the name calling is not the cause but an effect.

  • Bob

    Forget sending out the Mobile Command Post put a Super Cobras in the air. That should keep the thugs in line. I am for one, past tired of one small group putting whole sections of the city in fear every weekend.

  • Bob

    It must have worked. I don’t see any news about any shooting last night.

    Maybe it’s a sign. Maybe we should stop voting yes on park, school, and zoo millage and starting voting in more money for the Police Department. Maybe then they could be out in force all the time.

    Just an idea.

  • Jay

    How about not being scared of your own people in your community and stand up when you see wrong doing that’s what we do in my neighborhood in Kentwood we have no crime on my block most of my neighbors use there Second amendment right as well we don’t need the police in my neighborhood anyone of my neighbors can get to my front door faster than any police officer could make it and have done so in the past when I had a break in which was stopped due to multiple neighbors stopping it and yes the police did show up about 15 minutes later and arrested the burglars stop giving away the power that you have within we do not need anymore uneducated police officers trying to go about enforcing law that they do not even get Educated on nor do the vast majority of police officers follow the laws to begin with it’s something I learned very early on in life we lead by example how am I supposed to believe in a leader (police ) that is scared to the point of having to use a firearm on a unarmed civilian I have friends with military background and can kill you with using there bare hands so I have no respect for trigger-happy police officers who think their badge gives them the right to choose who lives in dies

  • Jay

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A former Grand Valley State University student says he thought he was being mugged when he claims undercover officers beat and choked him unconscious while never identifying themselves Officers then ordered bystanders who recorded the scuffle to delete their videos. Remember July 2014 if you want more money for your Police Department ask the police officer’s to quit causing millions of dollars in lawsuits for misconduct 50 million last year 70 million the year before all paid by the tax payers not the police