‘Grand’ finale: Trump, Clinton to spend final campaign day in GR

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Haven't you heard? Michigan is the new Ohio, apparently.

Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's campaigns confirm the candidates plan to hold rallies on the final day before the election in Grand Rapids, as Michigan is shaping up to be a pivotal, must-win state.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a rally Monday evening at 11 p.m. at DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids, according to his campaign website.  Doors are scheduled to open at 8 p.m. You can find info and RSVP to the event here. Trump will be joined by his running mate Mike Pence.

Trump is also scheduled to hold a rally Sunday evening in Sterling Heights.

The announcement came just hours after Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton announced she'd be making a second stop to Michigan since Friday, when she appeared in Detroit. Clinton's campaign says she will be in Grand Rapids on Monday too for a get-out-the-vote rally at the Grand Valley State University Fieldhouse in Allendale. Doors open at 2 p.m., and the event begins at 4 p.m. People wishing to attend can register here.

>> MORE: President Obama, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and others will also return to state Monday

Real Clear Politics now considers Michigan a toss-up state based on statewide polling averages showing a tightening race between Clinton and Trump, meaning the state’s 16 electoral votes are up for grabs. In all, 158 electoral votes are up for grabs in toss-up states, as tallied by Real Clear Politics.

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  • Sam Osborne

    There is so little meaningless time left in this concluded campaign that the few individuals still trying to web-site shill for Trump are left trying to catch just a bit of attention from folks headed out the door to church more interested in a last gulp of coffee than . . . than . . . hum, what else might there be . . .? Oh yes, should I stay up late Tuesday to hear Hillary give her acceptance speech or just wait until the next morn to latent what’s news on drive-time radio and smile for a second over the fact that it is all over and all is well with the transfer off office from Obama to Hillary something that will await after the holiday season. Oh, and what’s there to do this unfolding week? Well let’s see, thank God we already votes and Black Friday shopping is right soon upon us.

  • steve thomas

    I wonder if the same dolts with their Cretin mentality will show up with their BLM signs and interrupt Hillary like they did Trump’s son.

  • Bob

    Trump is looking better every day to me. I can’t tell who is paying for the ads now. Trumps ads praise him. Hillary ads praise him. We all know Trump might be a crock. We all know Hillary IS a crock.

    Can I vote for the cat that lives across the street ?

  • Jay

    This election is going to be decided in a court room both parties have been lawyering up these past weeks getting ready for the aftermath of what’s to come if Trump doesn’t win we will Know we have been scammed and there will be a uprise bigger then 1776 American Revolutionary my brothers and sisters are just waiting to put the power back in the hands of the people! this country wanted Patriotism well I have better then that we have real life trained patriots who have swore an oath to uphold our Constitution and Bill of Rights people are waking up to what’s going on I would suggest the government to stop while you’re ahead because if you go any farther with your corruption you will lose

  • Patrick

    The pie hole is now coming to Michigan.
    The announcement came just hours after Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton announced she’d be making a second stop to Michigan since Friday, when she appeared in Detroit.

    Monkey See, Monkey do. Trump is a follower, not a leader.