Police say man yells “Trump” while beating cab driver

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Police are investigating an alleged incident of ethnic intimidation from over the weekend.

Grand Rapids Police say they were flagged down by a cab driver who said that he had picked up five women and a man at The B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapids at about 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 12.

The driver, who is of East African descent, said the women asked to be dropped off at Straight Avenue and Fulton Street.  The man requested to be dropped off at another location.

The driver told police he told the man the would be an additional charge for the new location.  After that, the man allegedly hit the driver several times while yelling the word, "Trump."

"I didn't expect while I was driving that he would throw a punch," said the driver who wishes to remain anonymous. "When he threw the punch I didn't think he was serious. He threw punches on the right side of my head while saying 'Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump'. Just hate."

Police say they found the man and arrested him for assault and battery.   Police say that the man made more discriminatory comments regarding the cab driver's race to them.  In the police video, you can hear the man yelling slurs at the driver from the back of the police car. (Warning: Offensive Language)

Police are looking for the five women for further information into the case.  They should contact police at 616-456-3829.

The man's identity has not yet been released.


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  • No PC For Me

    False flag.
    If a decorated police officer’s word isn’t good enough and he is now required to use a body camera to provide evidence of his innocence, then unless there is video of these alleged racial slurs from Trump supporters, i simply refuse to even consider its validity.

    The sword cuts both ways. It was’n’t Trump supports attacking liberals at rallies, it was liberals attacking US.
    We don’t riot, we don’t loot, we don’t set fire or poop on police cars. THEY do.
    Video or it din’t happen.

  • steve

    When you’re a cabbie picking up six people, probably drunk, outside a bar at closing time strange things can happen. Ethnic intimidation? I think the guy they arrested more likely was looking to get “romantic” with one or more of the females, and when they told him to get lost he got mad, and would have taken it out on any driver, black or otherwise. The guy may be a racist, but he’s a total jerk for sure.

  • Kevin Rahe

    I’m not sure why racists are feeling empowered by Trump’s election. Nothing I’ve seen in his policies indicates that he’s a racist himself. Did the mainstream media give a voice to someone who erroneously painted Trump as a racist? If so, then that was highly irresponsible of them and that is where the blame for this nonsense lies.

  • Bob

    I have never heard of an additional charge for making a stop to drop someone off. What difference would it make how many stops a cab made the meter stays running. I can see why the individual got angry with the cab driver.

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