Wayne State police officer dies after shooting

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Officer Collin Rose, 29

DETROIT —  We are learning more about a Wayne State University police officer who was shot in the head Tuesday and then died early Wednesday evening.

The officer is identified as Collin Rose, 29, a native of Kalamazoo.  Rose graduated from Gull Lake High School and went to Ferris State University, earning his degree in 2010.  Rose was a five-year veteran of the force and worked in the university’s K-9 unit. He had plans to get married next year.


Officer Collin Rose, 29

Officer Collin Rose, 29

Detroit’s police chief said Rose was originally in critical condition after being shot while on duty near the campus.  Around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, he was investigating car break-ins reported in the area.  Chief Tony Holt said Rose called for backup.

“He was about to investigate and question a suspect, and shortly afterward he was shot in the head,” Holt told news media on Wednesday.

Witnesses reported hearing shouting followed by three gunshots. The backup officers located Rose. Officer Rose was then hospitalized and rushed into surgery at approximately 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The Detroit Police named DeAngelo Davis as a person of interest in the shooting. He was taken into custody shortly before 10 p.m. Tuesday.

A man who lives near the spot where the officer was shot says he woke up to the sound of hollering and heard three shots being fired.

Jacob Bolton, 30, tells The Associated Press he first thought he was dreaming but then heard the shots and “it was boom, boom, boom.” Bolton says he lives within two blocks of where the shooting occurred, and when he stepped outside, police officers were already on the scene carrying rifles.

Chief Holt said of Rose, “He’s ingrained in the community.”

He added, “He works with the community. He does a lot of community service. He goes to school. He talks to kids. He does demonstrations with his canine. He reaches out to slain officers all over the country.”

Wayne State has more than 27,000 students and is located in the heart Detroit.

The shooting follows four recent incidents in which law enforcement officers were shot.

A detective was fatally shot in San Antonio, Texas, on Sunday. Also Sunday, police officers were shot in St. Louis, in Gladstone, Missouri, and in Sanibel, Florida.

This is a developing story, stay tuned for further updates.

The Associated Press and FOX 2 contributed to this report

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        • Common Cents

          An individual’s personal responsibility to choose right action over wrong action for themselves is always their own. One can only claim that they are abdicating personal responsibility for such choice to someone else. It can never ACTUALLY be done, in reality. More simply put, an individual is always responsible for their own actions. NO COP OUTS.

          The painful truth is that the order-follower always bears more moral culpability than the order-giver, because the order-follower is the one who actually performed the action, and in taking such action, actually brought the resultant harm into physical manifestation. Order-following is the pathway to every form of evil and chaos in our world. It should NEVER be seen as a “virtue” by anyone who considers himself to be a moral human being. Order-followers have ultimately been personally responsible and morally culpable for every form of slavery and every single totalitarian regime that has ever existed upon the face of the Earth.

          • George

            To common cent
            Again you have NO CLUE on what you are stating, stop with your STUPID comments. Your name says it all but you should put the word “NO” in front your your name. Grow up idiot

      • No PC For Me

        Many times I agree with you, I often get your point of view.
        But to say this? I did not think you were a liberal anarchists.

        I’ll stand with the police.

  • Jay

    Got news for you more construction workers died in the line of duty every day there any police officer yup it sucks you got shot but that’s the job you signed up for I don’t hear the fireman complaining about running into a burning building you don’t want to be shot at don’t be a cop if the kitchens too hot for you son get out

    • Michael

      You are trying to justify the murder of a police officer by saying there’s more dangerous jobs out there? You keep comparing police shootings to accidents like firemen running into burning buildings and construction worker deaths. We aren’t talking about an accident. This was murder. He most definitely did NOT sign up to be murdered.

      It’s like justifying a teacher getting shot by saying it’s the job they signed up for. We definitely know school shootings occur so when it happens it’s the job they signed up for right? Wrong- The school shooting deaths are just as tragic.

  • Joe Koets

    Give me 5 minutes with that coward. This is enough of cowards shooting police officers in the back.
    they are less than a man. They need to be taken behind the wood shed. Water boarding is to easy on the police officer shooters. COWARDS, Sissy’s, Spoiled snow flakes.

  • Tim

    Common sense, it’s easier to pretend to be stupid then pretend to be smart, you should take the easier path, the only person you are fooling is the fool called yourself. You also might want to consider changing your name to F-ing idiot, it suits you much better.

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