CPS worker gives back on her own time to help families celebrate the holidays

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- With Christmas just weeks away, a lot of people are starting to get into the spirit, and not just putting up their trees or hanging up Christmas lights. Some are choosing to put others ahead of themselves and their own families.

Leticia Pittman helps children on a daily basis as a Child Protective Services worker, and says one of her life's passions is to help others outside of her job. She's a member of the Life Center Church of Apostolic Faith, and she is one of the reasons why the church is filled with extra love this time of year.

“Leticia put together a food pantry," said Michelle Rigsby, wife of the pastor. "We were able to provide food for not just 60 people but 60 families.”

And Pittman has already moved on to her next project: She wants to help families directly this holiday season.

“There is a population in this community that has needs and thinks there is no one out there to help them,” Pittman said, "so we just want to show them when you least expect it God can come and bless you."

Pittman hopes to help 10 families, each with very different kinds of needs. Some may be homeless, others may be living paycheck to paycheck, and some families may have single parents working several jobs.

Pittman’s job as a CPS worker has motivated her to do more on her own time.

“It’s heart-wrenching, because you see families who are working two or three jobs to barely pay their bills; you see families who don’t have food or shelter, who just got their first home but they don’t have appliances, kids who don’t have Christmas trees,” Pittman said.

Pittman and people from her church are taking time away from their own families to make sure others’ holidays are positive.

You can help to by donating at their GoFundMe page. They say 100% of donations will go to families in need.

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  • Jay

    Christmas started from tradition called Saturnalia which was used in Rome as a type of purge for people to get all of the evil out during this time men would get drunk and rape women don’t believe me look it up in early settling days in the United States some states actually arrest people for celebrating Christmas. Jesus was born in the spring the December 25th represents the birth of the wicked ruler Nimrods son Tammuz you know that celebration for Jesus’s resurrection Easter Sunday that’s not for Jesus either that would be for nimrods wife Esther she is know as the fertility goddess which would explain all the Easter eggs and bunny not to mention if he died Friday came back in 3 days do the math it would be Monday not Sunday Im sure Jesus would love to know we use his birthday as one of the biggest consuming days of the year open your eyes that tree that you cut down and put in your house every year it’s a fertility tree nothing else JESUS represents love not religion