Mommy Cards: business cards encouraging moms around the world

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ROCKFORD, Mich. -- Business cards tailor made for moms are encouraging women all around the world to ask for help and to give it in return.

The Mommy Card was created by Dee Krassa of Rockford, a mother of four looking for support for herself and other women like her. Krassa says being a mom has plenty of rewards but it's not easy.

"I have four kids who are amazing, [but] it's an absolute struggle," said Krassa. "I have days where I have walked out my front door because it's that tough, it's that hard."

She says most moms face similar challenges, but they might not know how to offer help to one another. So to bridge the gap from mom-to-mom, she created Mommy Cards. Each card has a simple message: "Hey mom, you're not alone. Need a chat? Share a coffee? Have a playdate? Deep breath.... We're in this together!!"

"The back is empty so people can put whatever they would like: it can be their phone number, e-mail, or weekly gathering," Krassa said.

The idea came to her last Christmas when a mother took her own life on the way to get Starbucks with her kids.

"There was a mommy, who on Christmas day took her own life because she couldn't handle her two little babies," said Krassa. "So I spend my money on cards, flyers, and magnets and I send everything for free."

She hopes her small gesture of kindness will save a life, or even just offer a sigh of relief. Krassa's Mommy Cards have reached hundreds of moms across 30 states and even a handful of countries. Per request, you can even get a magnet for your car to send words of encouragement on the road.

"And that’s what my cards and magnets say: 'Hang in there mom, you’re doing a great job.' And that one simple statement to a mom can change her day, if not change her life," Krassa said.

For a free set of 25 Mommy Cards, fliers, or car magnet, head to the Mommy Cards Facebook page.


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