Winter Weather Advisory for Friday Night and Saturday

More than 70 organizations participate in Holland’s Parade of Lights

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HOLLAND, Mich. -- The annual parade of lights in Holland is known for bringing people together from all over West Michigan, and the unseasonably warm weather Tuesday evening made it the perfect night.

The parade of lights is a holiday spectacle that preludes Christmas. A lot of work goes into the parade, but the effort is worth it for the crowds of parade goers enjoying the variety of more than 70 floats.

"This is a great night and the weather is perfect," said mayor of Holland Nancy DeBoer. "And we had deep crowds on all the sides for the whole length of the parade. It was so fun and you could just tell people were excited to just be out.”

Many people were thrilled the good weather made the parade so much fun.

“There’s just so many people that come out to support the local community. So it’s just a great time seeing all the people,” DeBoer said.

The parade of lights even included real reindeer that people could pet near the end of the route.

More than 70 businesses, schools and non-profits took part in this year's parade of lights.

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