Judge orders Michigan recount to start Monday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DETROIT (AP) — Michigan must begin its presidential recount at noon Monday, a federal judge ruled in a late-night order that could make it more likely the state will complete the count ahead of a Dec. 13 deadline.

In his ruling early Monday morning, Judge Mark Goldsmith rejected an effort by state officials to delay the hand-counting of about 4.8 million ballots.

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein argued that a law is unconstitutional that requires a break of at least two business days after the Board of Canvassers’ final action on a recount request. Goldsmith found that Stein had “shown the likelihood of irreparable harm” if the count was delayed even by two days and rejected the state’s arguments about the cost to taxpayers.

Republican Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton by 10,704 votes, or two-tenths of a percentage point, in Michigan. Stein received about 1 percent of the vote.

Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette, the Trump campaign and super PACs have filed separate lawsuits asking state courts to prevent the recount, arguing that Stein, as the fourth-place finisher, is not “aggrieved” because she has no chance of winning in a recount.

The Green Party also wants recounts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Stein has argued, without evidence, that irregularities in the votes in all three states suggest that there could have been tampering with the vote, perhaps through a well-coordinated, highly complex cyberattack.

Elections officials in the three states, all narrowly won by Trump, have expressed confidence in their results. Even if all three recounts happen, none were expected to give Clinton enough votes to emerge as the winner.

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  • steve thomas

    What I find most offensive is the blatant lie about the purpose of the recount. While it’s true that she can’t win, there’s a slim chance that Hillary could. To say that the purpose is anything other than that is an insult to anyone of normal intelligence. If she truly wants to look for corruption she should have gone after Cook County, Illinois and the state of California. But then, she’d be scrutinizing Democrats and she would never do that.

  • Commonsense

    Our tax dollars at work. The next time you hit a pothole or send your child to an underperforming school, thank Jill, Hillary and the Democratic party for pissing our money away on this!

  • Jay

    Can you say court room because that’s where this election is going to be settled but knowing how PC our country has become they will probably say it’s unfair for Trump or Hillary to win and then make Michelle Obama president this will be the fifth election to be decided in court

  • Jay

    I think we should make Governor Snyder pay for it out of his own personal bank account he’s caused this State to pay enough wasted money to begin with time to hold are government accountable I know these two words don’t normally go together but they should he spent more money piping in clean water to the GM Flint factory then what the total savings we were going to get off of switching to the Flint River we the tax payers paid for it not GM! GM had clean water less than three months after the switch it’s been over two years now and Flint resident still have no clean water six months after the switch all government offices in Flint receiving bottled water to drink