Snow ends, but Arctic air lurks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST MICHIGAN -- The last few days in West Michigan have really delivered a true winter blast. We had substantial accumulating lake effect snow last week which dropped a foot or more in areas south/west of Grand Rapids. If that wasn't enough, the lake effect began to wind down late Saturday only to morph into more accumulating snow from a low pressure system that arrived Saturday evening. That snow went all the way through Sunday night before wrapping up, but how much fell? Below are some of the highest totals from the Sunday system reported to the National Weather Service.



Arctic air will blast in to West Michigan (at least the core of it) Wednesday and Thursday. This will start the lake effect snow making machine up again, but probably not to the extent of last week. Our forecast models are showing the moisture in the air may not be as saturated as last week, so the snow should be lighter. That said, accumulating lake effect is still likely along/west of U.S. 131 on both days. Take a look at one of our computer forecast models valid on Thursday morning. The colors on the map represent the air masses. Those red tones over Michigan basically translate to very cold Arctic air.


If that wasn't enough, our forecast models are (again) showing the possibility of another big system arriving Friday night in to Saturday with heavy accumulating snow. Temperatures may rise in to the lows 30s and some rain may mix in, which could hold totals down. This system will be similar to the one that just wrapped up yesterday. Take a look at what our forecast models are showing already by Friday evening. Notice the development of the "low" over the Rockies out west. The purple represents the possible locations of precipitation.


Make sure to stay up on later forecasts. This system may drag in enough warm air to mix some rain in. Get the complete forecast at

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