Cannonsburg welcomes skiers, snowboarders and snowfall during their opening weekend

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KENT COUNTY, Mich -- If you ski or snowboard, you may have been one of the several hundred people who made their way out to Cannonsburg this weekend.

On Sunday, our FOX 17 crew hit the slopes to check out the crowd and find out what's new this year.

'It just feels amazing being out in the cold and being able to go super fast down a hill," said Molly Bowes.

Cannonsburg kicked off its first weekend of the season by opening seven of the 19 runs the have on site.

Danielle Musto is the events coordinator at  Cannonsburg  and said the cold temperatures are working in their favor. It's also the first time in several years the ski area has been able to open before Christmas.

“Just having consistent cold temps allowed us to start blowing snow day after day after day and our staff was working around the clock trying to push out as much snow as possible.”

It means an earlier start for skiers and those who love the wintry outdoors.

“For this time of year relative to last year we weren’t even skiing until January," said Geoff Miller. "This year we’re blessed to have great snow, cold conditions.”

Returning guests will also notice a few exciting changes this year. Officials said visitors will even  have the opportunity to zipline and bike ride.

“We are going to have ziplines open this winter. Our quad zipline which is behind me so you’ll be able to race three of your friends across the hill as people are snowboarding underneath you," said Musto. "We also are expanding our tubing lanes and then we have fat bike demos, as well this winter, so people can rent demos and go riding on our single track.”

It's all about tradition for some families who visit Cannonburg.

"I started coming here when I was 5-years-old, "said Miller. “Now, my two kids are out here in the ski program it’s just great to have a local area like Cannonsburg. "They’ve done a wonderful job here, wonderful job.”

The Cannonsburg Kids Program runs Saturdays and Sundays starting January 7. Organizers say kids have the chance to learn how to ski and snowboard. To learn more about the ski area click here.

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