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Michigan electors in line to vote for Donald Trump on Monday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - DECEMBER 9: President-elect Donald Trump looks on during a rally at the DeltaPlex Arena, December 9, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. President-elect Donald Trump is continuing his victory tour across the country. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

DETROIT (AP) — Electors in Michigan are in line to obey state law and vote for Republican President-elect Donald Trump.

The state requires the 16 members of the Electoral College convening Monday at the statehouse to vote according to the results of the Michigan’s presidential election, which Trump won by .2 percentage points. However, most state electors were interviewed by The Associated Press, and all of them pledge their support for him regardless.

“We have a process, I’m respecting the process and he won by that process,” said Joseph Guzman, an elector and assistant professor at Michigan State University’s School of Human Resources and Labor Relations. “He’s my candidate. If there were no rules, I would vote for him, too.”

Unlike some other states where electors are “unbound,” those in Michigan are bound by law to vote for the state winner. If a Michigan elector doesn’t vote for that person, they are deemed to have resigned and are replaced.

While Michigan’s electors appear to be unanimous going into their vote in the Senate chambers, some places have dealt with rancor in their electoral ranks. Texas elector Chris Suprun recently reversed his pledge to support Trump, citing the billionaire businessman’s attacks on the First Amendment, postelection attacks on the country’s electoral process and overseas business interests.

Confident Trump will win but concerned about wavering support, one Michigan elector created a website urging Trump supporters to rally electors around the president-elect.

Brian Fairbrother, deputy clerk for the Detroit suburb of Shelby Township, said he launched to counteract a deluge of missives electors have received from people urging votes for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton or another Republican.

“Right now, we’re being bombarded with letters and emails and Facebook invitations, telling us to vote for Hillary Clinton, and I don’t want to see anyone swayed,” he said. “I think Donald Trump earned the right to be president, and at this point, we as members of the Electoral College should vote for Donald.”

Hank Fuhs, an elector from Grand Rapids, said he has heard from about 50,000 people, mainly from other states.

“I don’t get upset they’re doing that — it’s their right to express their opinions,” he said. “They can ask me all they want, but they don’t understand how the process works, nor do they appreciate it. I do hope they all voted.”

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  • tom s

    The electors should be protected from interference the same as a juror in a court trial and anyone attempting to interfere with such elector should be prosecuted.

    • Michael

      There’s nothing to interfere with. They can’t vote any other way than the way the people voted. If they don’t their vote doesn’t count and they are replaced.

      As far as protections they have them. All the state laws on stalking and malicious/threatening communications can be enforced.

  • Cindy Hockstad

    I frankly can not understand this hoopla , and all the distraught going on , when Obama was elected it was NOT from the popular vote but from the electoral college, did riots raise up, protests, parents telling their children this was an evil man, kids not being able to go to school, ? I mean, really , was not the words of “in our country we have democratic way of a president going into the white house, we accepted the electoral vote. ” not the exact quote, and yet all this nonsense going on. Do the people really think a naughty statement is worse than years of Hillary selling our country, of her misuse of e mails, of selling our natural resources, of giving information to other countries thro her unprotected e mails ? I mean really. Has this country been brainwashed to think the government should tend to all your wants and needs, is there no responsibility for yourselves , your children, your country and your God. I see what has been happening, the teachers on all levels of education have been teaching the heck with God, the heck with your country’s values, go for it, go for what you can get from the government, President Kennedy said ” ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” meaning, we are all united, in the United States of America, tho I am aware of the purposeful sway of separating us not only by race, but our views. It is time to become United and give this incoming president a chance such as we all did with Obama. Shame on those who want to change the laws because it does not fit with their life styles.