Michigan man killed in hit and run in Indiana

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ELKHART CO., IN. — Sabrina Hershberger said her brother, Tim Mabry, made holidays special. However, a hit and run accident ended his life just three days before Christmas.

The Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office said the Cass County man was walking along a rural road when a pickup truck passed a newspaper delivery vehicle, hit Mabry and kept going.

“He was just going to work,” Hershberger said.

William Smith, Mabry’s brother said, “That’s what made me mad. Not that he hit him but the fact he didn’t care enough to stop.”

Smith said he’s not sure he’s ready to forgive whoever did this. But he said he’s focusing on the positive memories he shared with his brother built up over decades.

“He took my best friend from me,” Smith said.

To save others from experiencing their pain, the family wants to warn everyone using the roads – both driving and walking – to look out for each other.

Hershberger said, “We don’t hate the driver. We hate the act, and we do pray for his family because we know that they’re going to be hurting also.”

She said, “We won’t say ‘bye’ to him. We say ‘see you soon’ because that’s what we always said and ‘happy moments.'”

On Friday, investigators posted on Facebook that they have identified the pickup truck and suspected driver. But that person has not been arrested. If you have any information on this accident, call the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana at 574-533-4151.

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