Owner, whose dog was shot and killed, could face charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. — A family in Hudsonville is mourning their 6-year-old dog, accusing their next door neighbor of shooting and killing him Saturday. But Tuesday the Ottawa County Sheriff's spokesperson says the dog's owner may be charged for letting her animal run at-large.

"My heart sank because the barking stopped," said Linda Holmes to FOX 17 Monday. "And I knew he shot him. I knew it. And then I heard another one. Why did he have to do it twice?"

Holmes and her family are devastated after losing their German Shepherd, Sawyer, who they believe was shot twice in the head.

Meanwhile, their neighbor - the wife of the man who shot Sawyer, who FOX 17 is not naming - says they are "sick" that Sawyer died and that it came to this.

She tells FOX 17 that Sawyer was a long-time threat to their family, saying the dog would often come onto their property and once bit her husband in the back of his leg and chased and scared their grandchildren.

Saturday morning, the neighbor says her husband was working on their home when Sawyer came running at him with his "teeth out," and that's when her husband shot in self-defense. Sawyer died feet from their home, she says.

While Capt. Mark Bennett with the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department says there was a history with the dog running in the neighbor's yard, Holmes tells FOX 17 she had an invisible fence but perhaps a snow plow knocked out its wiring.

Bennett says the Ottawa County prosecutor will soon review the case and will consider charging Holmes with letting her animal run at large.

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  • Bob

    Just lucky the butt head who shot the dog had his gun on him. You bet. Now that the police are involved it’s time to start making up stories.

  • Michael

    There’s always two sides to every story.

    Both versions have the dog owner violating the law by allowing their dog to be at large. Both versions say it happened more than once.

    Please be responsible pet owners- especially when you choose to have a large breed. That would have prevented this.

  • No PC For Me

    I’m still pissed that a beautiful dog was killed but-

    Yesterday I said that I hoped Mr dog shooter rotted in hell. I take that back, sorry.
    I have dogs, I BUILT A FENCE and go OUT OF MY WAY to keep the dogs in MY YARD.
    Not sure I understand why anyone would just let their dog run loose. So that changes things.
    I still am not very happy, maybe both parties are wrong.
    But why charges ? they just lost a family member, that’s enough punishment.

  • Rebecca S Barrett

    Dog owners are responsible for keeping their dogs under their control. I love German Shepherds and once had one as a pet. This breed of dogs are known for biting. The dog owner should have had the dog under control in a fenced in area of her property. It is sad that the dog had to be shot by the neighbor who obviously felt threatened by him. The dog owner should face charges. I was once bitten by a loose dog, and am emotionally scared for life as a result. I had to testify against the dog owner, who let the dog run free knowing that it was terrorizing the neighbor kids and anyone walking or cycling on the road next to the home. Just as owning a gun carries responsibility, so does owning an animal with the potential to maim and kill.

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