Michigan mom on mission to remove candy, magazines from Meijer checkout lanes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DETROIT, Mich.  — A Michigan mom is on a crusade to make the checkout process at Meijer more healthy and kid-friendly.

Jane Kramer created an online petition hoping the store will get rid of candy and some trashy magazines in checkout aisles.

“Inappropriate reading material with nothing for kids to look at and just junk food,” she said.

Jane says she never realized these items are not kid-friendly until she adopted her son a few years ago.

She avoids the junk food aisle, but she can’t avoid the checkout lane.

Jane also says some of the magazine covers can contribute to body issues or are just plain tabloids with inappropriate topics.

She recalls one moment where she was left speechless.

“My son asked me about the word ‘cocaine’ and, while I was going to introduce the topic of drugs to him at some point, I wasn’t ready to talk about that at that age to him in the checkout aisle.”

She created a petition on Change.org and it already has more than 400 signatures.

“Some people would argue that I’m taking away their choice, but I would argue that those things can still be in other areas of the store, but we should work harder at eating junk food.”

Other stores, like Target, are trying out healthier checkout aisles.

Jane says she contacted Meijer numerous times but hasn’t gotten a response.

“They are a good company, I just want them to take this extra step.”

Now she is asking other shoppers to step up and sign the petition.

She added, “It’s not just about parents and kids. It’s about the health of everybody.”

We reached out to Meijer and they offered this statement saying:

Millions of customers come to Meijer each week and our goal is to ensure our offerings appeal to the needs of a very broad and diverse customer base. We are proud of the healthy choices we offer throughout our stores as well as the fact that our customers can count on us for all of their shopping needs, whatever their buying preference.

Company officials would not say if they would look into changing their checkout aisles.

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  • WOW

    Then leave YOUR child at home. Learn to tell YOUR child NO! If you don’t want to parent and want to shelter YOUR child from the world, leave them home.

  • YM4

    Really? It’s called the world, try living in the real one, not the fantasy land where everything you don’t like is hidden away!

  • dawn sampson

    learn to control kid and just leave the brat at home ,people like you are why these newer generation of kids think and act like they do so quit pushing your views down other peoples throats

  • Cheese

    What a waste of time. Grocery stores have been selling junk in the checkout lanes since the beginning of time, or at least since I was a kid.

  • GL

    These people that signed it along with the lady that started it, all need lifes. Its a magazine and candy. Kids see alot worse on a daily basis. Sheltered kids dont always come out the best. World is falling apart!

  • Jeff Is Here

    You can not shield your kids from all the bad things in the world like drugs. It’s better to have them know about them and teach them right from wrong. As far as junk food, that’s the same thing, tell them NO if you don’t want them to have it. Sounds like she is a busy body and need something to do.

    • Kevin Rahe

      If the magazines actually showed the real world, you might have a point. The problem is that they tend to depict UNREALITY rather than reality. If they only showed people who have not had plastic surgery and aren’t sporting overdone makeup, then you might be able to argue that they are depicting reality. But that is not the case.

      I would suggest a different strategy, however. The next time I’m in line at Meijer with my kids and the material presented there offers a teachable moment, I’ll not only make sure to tell MY kids what is right from wrong, but I’ll do so loudly enough that everyone else around knows it, too, as well as point out how wrong the store is for promoting unreality and other wrong stuff.

  • steve

    Protest with your feet, lady. The game is being played at Meijers, so you play by their rules If you don’t like it, hit the road.

  • Michael

    If someone asking what cocaine is makes you “speechless” I don’t think you are ready to be a mom.

    I’m with just about every other comment on here. Learn to tell your child no. If you can’t do it with a candy bar you are in for a real treat when he becomes a teenager. Every store I’ve gone to in the last 3 months has snacks in the check out lane. It’s just the common sense place to put it. Quick/Easy……..Some people come in just for that. Our local Meijer also has fruit right by the checkouts on the grocery side.

    There’s more important things to fight for.

  • Kathy A. Gill

    This article doesn’t say how old Jane’s son is but, if he’s old enough to read the word “cocaine”, he’s old enough to know what it is, what is does to people and why he shouldn’t ever use it…that, Jane, is what those of us who have raised successful and contributing children call a “teachable moment”. Life is full of choices, good and bad. Please learn to deal in a constructive way instead of creating yet another victim or grievance group. The Really BIG Stuff is yet to come…better get ready.

  • Kitty Farnum

    THIS IS A PHONY SCAM. This woman is being used as a shill because the National Enquirer had too much of an effect on Hillary Clinton’s election loss. They honestly reported on Clinton’s corrupt past so this fake “concerned mom” is just a move to silence pro-Trump publications.

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