Hundreds march downtown against President Trump’s immigration orders

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Hundreds of people gathered on the Blue Bridge in Downtown Grand Rapids for a march against President Trump's executive orders on immigration.

More than 250 people paced the bridge. Many held signs with messages such as "Build bridges, not walls."

They expressed concerns for the refugee community and the impact Trump's policies will have on immigrant families.

On Wednesday, President Trump signed executive orders covering a variety of immigration measures. That includes construction of a border wall, stripping federal grant money to 'sanctuary states', and prioritizing the deportation of illegal immigrants.

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  • No PC for Me

    Hundreds of people have no clue how a country and economy works and after the protest go home and can’t figure out why they can’t find a good job or don’t get raises.
    The same people who like paying MORE for “free” healthcare.

    All trump is doing is stopping ILLEGAL entry into America. if you pay ATTENTION you’ll notice there is an immigration system im place that has worked for oh…..200 or so years.

    So, since you protesters don’t mind being stolen from, how about posting your address so we can come and move into your houses…free of charge.
    Ill need your car keys also, and please ;eave some cash on the table.
    Thank you.

  • steve

    I wonder how many law abiding people were inconvenienced by the people were blocking foot traffic on the bridge. They’re not moving, and that’s against the law. Arrest them all, and I’ll bet there’ll be fewer of them next time.

  • tracyd112

    Keep Up the Good Work President Trump stop each and everyone of them until ALL OF OUR OWN PEOPLE ARE TOOK CARE OF..Why should anyone beable to come here and live free and Better then Most of our own in Poverty. Stop the infestation especially the ones that are out to Kill us.

  • Robert

    I would ask that they leave America for some other nation more suitable to their cause, like Iran or Syria? If Islamists come across their open boarder, perhaps they will have a change of heart; and liver, and spleen, but certainly their head.
    The issue is not “Immigration” it is Illegal Immigration.

  • Sherry E

    If these people do not agree with the Wall being built and want to be on the other side then ship them to the other side and let them lived there! We don’t need all this mess it is done and over with, the wall will be built he has already signed the bill for it so get over it and go on with your lives learn to deal with it!

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