Hundreds of protesters at Grand Rapids airport

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Protesters in Grand Rapids, making their voices heard as they rally against president Trump’s recent executive orders on refugees and immigration.

Those orders barring people from 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for the next 90 days, and suspending the admission of refugees for the next 120 days.

The president said it’s an effort to help protect the country, but protesters say he’s gone too far.

Sunday, hundreds of protesters blocked traffic at the Gerald R. Ford airport.

"My parents came here from India in the 1970's,” says Amena Moiz, an Anti-Trump Protester. “ And if that executive order was in place back then we would not be here today."
They believe president Trump’s travel ban is discrimination.

"Our founding principles of liberty and justice for all are not being upheld." Says Lindsay Ellis, a Professor at G.V.S.U.

Among the hundreds of protesters were first and second generation immigrants. Eventually the protest blocked 3 lanes of traffic next to the airport terminal, designated for passenger pick-up and drop-off.

"Sundays are one of our busier days at the airport,” says Tara Hernandez, a spokesperson for Gerald Ford Airport. “And one of the things that we agreed upon from the beginning was to not impede passenger traffic. We still have an airport to operate. We definitely respect their right to protest and voice their concerns, but we didn't' want them in the airport terminal building, so it's a little bit frustrating to have them out here like this. "
Protest organizers say blocking traffic at the terminal was not originally part of their plan.

No arrests, flight delays or injuries occurred during the protest.



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    • TryThinkingWithYourHead

      Will confirm. I was paid directly by George. He actually gave me $1,000 and offered to pay off all of my student debt. OH wait…Maybe I was there because my church wants to actually follow a Jesus that loves people instead of hating them :)

  • steve

    No arrests? What in hell’s going on here? They’re blocking traffic, and that’s against the law. If law enforcement doesn’t crack down on these derelicts, wait until warm weather arrives. It’ll only get worse.

    • TryThinkingWithYourHead

      Inform yourself before saying things. I was there – no traffic was blocked and no laws were broken. Or are you suggesting that protests are illegal if you don’t agree with their purpose?

      • KTT

        Well since you’re apparently advocating for illegal immigration, you obviously don’t know the difference between what is legal and illegal. Oh yeah, but your church says it’s okay to break the laws of the land so you’re all set with your justification.

        • TryThinkingWithYourHead

          KTT – again, I think we believe in a different Jesus. Which is totally your right. Yes…when my country makes a law that says “Don’t accept people fleeing from war and desperate for shelter” I absolutely think that’s a law that Christians should break.

          • KTT

            And like I said, your church (which one is it?) and your Bible does not have the book of Romans in it so we do apparently believe in a different Jesus. I’ll bet your church does not believe in protecting the most marginalized of all either, the unborn children.

      • steve

        Look at the photo. There are people standing in a traffic lane. They don’t appear to be crossing the street. That’s impeding traffic and that’s illegal. You say you were there? I don’t believe it. And, for what it’s worth, I have no problem with protests. But the “spontaneous” incidents all at the same time are no accident, and they’re closer to anarchy than protests.

  • Bud

    Where were these people when President Obama stopped anyone from Iraq from entering the United States FOR SIX MONTHS? Oh yeah, it was a democrat who issued the orders.
    Liberals are hypocrites.

    • KTT

      Same thing yesterday. Fox17 reported “thousands” of protesters in Holland but had to correct the story many hours later to say hundreds.

        • KTT

          You’re not too bright but as a confused liberal it is to be expected. Fox17 is a local affiliate that you are confusing with Fox News, a national news source.

  • Kevin Rahe

    Is what Trump is doing worse than Obama trying to force an order of Catholic nuns to promote contraceptives to their lay employees? Now the progressives can finally know what it was like for regular God-fearing folks to live with Obama in the White House for the last 8 years.

  • Kevin Rahe

    These protests are like a person who talks too much. Pretty soon it becomes easy to just ignore them. Folks unhappy with Trump would be much more effective if they would pick their battles around 2 or 3 of the biggest issues, rather than protesting everything he does, or merely protesting HIM as is often the case. And when you protest, lead with what YOU think should be done to address the problem, rather than just being the “party of no” as so many accused the Republicans of being for the past 8 years. For instance, what should we do to ensure that terrorists don’t get into our country by taking advantage of programs aimed at resettling refugees? And how do we ensure that people who want to immigrate from Mexico or Central or South American countries do so by the proper procedures without securing the border in a way that removes the temptation to do so illegally?

  • Common cents

    If any of these snowflakes block traffic in front of me the 4 wheel drive will go on and I will drive through them. If they don’t move, I will go over them.

  • prospectne

    Get out of my personal space Protestors.
    My rights are violated by you constantly blocking public access.
    Your more annoying than a screaming 2 year old that can’t have their way.

  • ProspectNE

    No parking, standing allowed at the Airport drop off. So WTF?
    Arrest them!
    These idiots believe laws don’t apply to them and they can violate others rights to further their agendas .
    Typical Liberal lawlessness.

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