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Travel ban: Local man’s fiancée stranded in Iran

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – President Donald Trump’s newest executive order has become a nightmare for one Grand Rapids woman and her family.

Sanaz Ziari, a permanent resident of the United States, has been stuck in Iran ever since the signing of the executive order Friday. The 'extreme vetting order' essentially bans incoming nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Ziari, a green card and Iranian passport holder, was overseas visiting family when the order was signed. For reasons still unclear to her and her fiancé Greg McCafferty – who live together in Grand Rapids – Ziari is being denied entrance back into the U.S.

The order stipulates a 90-120 day waiting period before foreign travelers from any of the seven countries can reenter.

McCafferty has started a petition and has written Congressmen in an attempt to get the order overturned. Meanwhile, the status of Ziari’s re-entrance into the country remains very much in limbo.

View the video below to see McCafferty’s initial conversation with FOX 17 Morning News.

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    • John

      I don’t know where you are getting your information from, but every news source indicates that Trumps order is still being upheld, despite a judges order.

      • RG

        The judge’s order say they can’t deport people arriving in the US. Nothing about people in the listed countries not being allowed to travel to US.

  • Little Mary

    She should have CAIR and the ACLU (Arab Civil Liberties Union) organize a demonstration, like they did in New York. I’m sure that the progressive Caliphate of Iran would endorse it.

  • Paul M. ROE

    Yes, if you don’t have Citizenship or haven’t applied and have been here for over 6 months, you don’t belong here. That’s just the way it is. Lose your ways of thinking about fellow humans as Infidels and murdering them in the street… maybe things will change. Stop blowing up buildings and people in my country who more than likely were opposed to the U.S. Governments Political Strong Arm wars in the Middle East the past 30 years. Then maybe things will change. Stop treating women worse than a Canine pet. Maybe things would change.

    • Mari K-c

      It takes YEARS to be able to apply for citizenship. This person has a legal visa and is about to marry an American citizen. She lives here, in Michigan and is clearly living a perfectly normal life where she isn’t being treated like a dog by that nice looking fiance, nor is she blowing up buildings or killing anyone by any other method. She went on vacation to visit family and lives with her fiance. Things that many of us do. I sure did. Significant others, living spaces, family. NORMAL. A NORMAL PERSON.

    • J.B.

      Letting a few whiny protesters and the whole Hollywierd crowd constantly crying trying to make people think THEY can and do dictate national policy every time the president does anything…..THAT makes us look weak.

  • Dillards coupons

    Ja der gute Verriss und die eigene Meinung – Ein Minenfeld. So lange man die Fachkompetenz erkennt ist das so ok und bei Euch Lamas kein Grund zur Sorge. Bei über 400 Neuerscheinungen (oder waren es 700) müssen ja auch ein pasr Durchschnittsspiele dabei sein, trotz Eurer Vorauswahl.

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