3 suspended GRPD officers identified after handling of assistant prosecutor crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- FOX 17 is learning more about the three Grand Rapids police officers who were suspended without pay following the handling of a traffic crash involving a former assistant prosecutor in November.

Sources close to the investigation confirm that Sgt. Thomas Warwick, Lt. Michael Janiskee, and Officer Adam Ickes have been suspended without pay in connection to their handling of a reported drunk driving crash involving Assistant Prosecutor Josh Kuiper. Officials say he was driving the wrong way on Union Avenue and hit a parked car Nov. 19, injuring somebody who was getting something out of it.

Police say Kuiper admitted to consuming alcohol before the driving, but he only received a ticket before being escorted to a relative's home. He was not arrested at the scene.

Janiskee's wife - Monica - was working for the prosecutor's office at the time of the crash. Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker says she nor anyone else in the office learned about the incident until the next day.


Warwick was in the news last May for foiling a bank robbery downtown minutes after it happened.

Ickes was also featured last year for going out of his way to interact with kids in the city while on duty.

Janiskee negotiated with Rodrick Dantzler in 2011 when he went on a crime spree that ended with 7 people dead. He was on the phone with him for several hours before he killed himself.

No further action will be taken until a termination hearing takes place. No date for that hearing has been set. Their names are expected to officially be made public later this week.

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  • Bob

    All three are great officers and have done a great job serving the City of Grand Rapids. Give them a week off without pay and be done with it. Are we willing to loss three great police officer because they might have made an error in judgment? I don’ thing so.

    We have all made mistakes in our lives.

    Someone once said.
    Let he without sin cast the first stone.

    • Nad

      Bob-maybe the police can use that as their basis when dealing with criminals in the future “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” We wouldn’t need jails or a criminal justice system at all! If these 3 guys were in the private sector, they would already be out the door, but they have that wonderful union. To think that the Lieutenant’s wifes working relationship with Mr Kuiper did not influence the way this was handled, is frankly demeaning to the public’s level of intelligence. It’s been pretty proven that the law enforcement community tends to protect their own and practice a level of tolerance for bad behavior not afforded the people they deal with. Sorry, but they have to go.

        • Nad

          Yes it is a good ole boys club and I can speak from personal experience. However, it was announced at noon that the Chief and City Manager are recommending termination, so perhaps we may be seeing a change coming from up top.

          • Nad

            According to a phone call recording obtained by the city, Ickes called Janiskee the morning of the crash when Warwick was present. On the recorded line, Ickes said, “this crash out here is Josh Kuiper from the Prosecutor’s Office that’s hammered, going the wrong way on Union and (inaudible) a parked car,” the lawsuit states.

            The city says Janiskee told Ickes to stop talking and call back on “3407,” which is an unrecorded phone line in the watch commander’s office.
            Those calls were actually recorded, although police didn’t know it at the time, the city stated in its lawsuit. According to the court record, investigators found five recorded phone calls on 3407 – three from Ickes to Janiskee and two from Warwick to Janiskee.
            After consulting with lawyers, police reviewed the phone calls as part of their internal investigation, then the GRPD chief contacted Michigan State Police to launch an investigation into possible criminal actions against the officers, the lawsuit states.

  • Bobby

    Ok and what about the prosecutor? He definitely deserves more than what he got. He was on the rd and injured someone. I was in an empty bean field on private property and injured myself badly which was a wake up call. Not obly that but had to go do pbts daily for 5 months and now a years probation. This makes me sick how judges place favoritism for the law. It is a crock.