Kalamazoo Public Schools board approves new weapons policy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (AP) – The Kalamazoo Public Schools board has approved the banning of students, staff and visitors from possessing, storing or using a weapon on district property.

With Thursday’s vote, the district empowers the superintendent to turn in to law enforcement any person violating the weapons ban policy.

Michigan law allows people with concealed carry licenses to openly carry their firearms in schools. However, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled in December the law can’t prevent districts from enacting their own firearms policies, including all-out bans.

Many parents feel like Tom Wendt. He said he believes in “responsible gun ownership.” He said open carrying or even carrying into a school is not responsible gun ownership.

The new policy does not apply to police officers who are on campus or pistols used in sporting events.

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  • Common cents

    I am sure that the kids will be safer now since any criminal with intent to kill will abide by the ruling. Knowing that he is safe from being shot himself he will just pick a fist fight instead.

    • Michael

      When was the last time a CPL holder stopped a school shooting? Since it’s been legal for so long school shootings haven’t been occurring in schools because the shooters were afraid a CPL holder might be there right?

      No, that’s not the case at all is it.

      If you really want to keep the schools safe be willing to contact your schools and tell them you are willing to pay more taxes for a school resource officer. As of the last time I looked at the stats there’s never been a mass shooting at a school with a police officer stationed at the school for the entire day. These shooters aren’t looking to get into a gunfight with the police.

    • Michael

      The problem is CPL holders were openly carrying their guns into schools just to prove the point that they can, not just when they had business at the school. They would go during lunch time to eat with their kids in the lunch room, mid day just to say hi to their kids, and sometimes even just to walk in the hallway.

      Every time that happens you had a man with a gun in the school. There’s no way to know the intentions of the man with a gun in he school therefore they would have to go into lockdown and have administration and/or a police officer escort the subject the entire time he was in the school.

      It ended up being a very large distraction to the learning process.