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Muskegon mom’s fitness journey leads to improvements in physical and mental health

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The gyms may start to look a little more empty around this time of year, but one face has become a common sight at the Lakeshore Fitness Center at Muskegon Community College.

Muskegon Mom Jessica Shagonaby started exercising at Lakeshore Fitness back in October, and has since been working towards a healthy lifestyle.

Shagonaby's motivation to get healthy was so she could be around for her family.

"I want to be around for my family, friends, and boyfriend. Everybody wanted me to be around for years to come, and the path I was going down, that wouldn't have happened."

Thanks to her desire to be fit, and with help from the facility and staff at Lakeshore Fitness Center, she is finding herself able to do more activities she couldn't do before.

Shagonaby noticed the change her fitness routine made in her lifestyle when she was on vacation with her family. They spent an entire week at Disney World, and she found herself walking more than 11 miles a day.

"If I hadn't started this journey beforehand, I would of held everybody up. Nobody would have been able to do as much as we did in one week," Shagonaby said. "I created wonderful memories for my daughter for her birthday. No way I could have done that without this fitness journey."

Since Shagonaby started her fitness journey, she's been feeling better mentally and physically, and it's been a big improvement in all aspects of her life.

Shagonaby explains that taking care of yourself is the same as taking care of someone else in your family. "You have to realize there are people who care for you, and if you're not there for them, then what are you trying to do?"

Shagonaby knows that miracles don't happen overnight, but if she continues on with her exercising and healthy eating, she'll be able to stick around longer for her family and maybe lose some weight along the way.

Lakeshore Fitness Center is located at 900 West Western Avenue in Downtown Muskegon. For more details on their programs and hours, call (231) 722-9322.

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