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Bangor residents discuss next steps after video controversy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BANGOR, Mich.-- There was more fallout Friday night for the Bangor school district after two videos were released this week sparking outcry in the community and even ending up on national news outlets. The videos show faculty in the Bangor school district playing an inappropriate game at a local tavern and another shows a teacher duct taping a student to a chair during class.

Things have calmed down a bit in Bangor since those videos came out, but parents are still demanding that more is done for their children. Since Monday, three teachers and one secretary have resigned, but Friday's meeting was about deciding what to do next and how to move forward from here.

Friday's meeting was a much smaller crowd compared to Monday's school board meeting, but it was still a very passionate crowd. Parents and community members in Bangor were trying to decide what to do next about their school district.

"The community has a lot of words they couldn't really speak at the board meeting and this is their chance to speak up and get their message across," said Chaylynn Burlsey.

Burlsey organized Friday's event after seeing the community leave with unanswered questions on Monday. On the agenda was deciding what happens now.

"There's ideas on how to deal with certain issues at the school and I felt that we needed to have a meeting to organize a strategy for future events" said Burlsey.

Among those in attendance was Amanda Reprogal, whose son was one of the students mentioned in the video from the Bangor Tavern.

"We have corruption at the top of the administration and I want that to be discussed," said Reprogal. "How can we work together to make Bangor great again because this is an awesome town, an awesome school and an awesome district."

Reprogal says she's received personal apologies from the principal and her son's teacher. While appreciated, she thinks more can be done.

Parents on Friday discussed the legality of petitioning the school board to step down, mandatory sensitivity and bullying training for the staff involved and the possibility or more suspensions.

"It's an accountability factor," said Bursley. "There's parents concerned that their kid is being bullied and when it gets to the school board it just gets brushed aside, that happens a lot. A lot of parents are here for that alone. Something has got to stop."

Fox 17 contacted the school board ahead of Friday's meeting, they told us they were not planning to show up to this event. When  it comes to the duct tape video, police say no charged will be file.d

Meanwhile, a Facebook page has been created by community members to share ideas on what to do now. There's also talks of a picket next week at a school workshop meeting. It will likely involve school board members who are able to have a question and answer session.

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