Contractor accused of taking thousands of dollars calls police on Problem Solvers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. -- Dan Johnson's cottage in Shelbyville was all set for a makeover. He paid Eric Jones of EJ Handyman Services a $2,360 deposit on October 1st.

"He was going to do the entire outside," Johnson said.

Johnson said the Kalamazoo-based contractor cashed his and his wife's check two days after their meeting.

"He said it would be done probably by the end of October of last year. Although, he said with current jobs, sometimes that's a little bit off and it might be a week or two," he explained.

Johnson said he hasn't seen owner Eric Jones since. (Jones full name is Charles Eric Jones.)

"I called his voicemail. His voicemail was full on his cell. I emailed him to no avail, no return. I sent him numerous texts. Never heard back from," Johnson said.

He said he only heard back from Jones after reaching out to one of Jones' suppliers. That was December 6th. Once again, Johnson requested his money back.

"He said, 'Yea, no problem at all. I'll have my accountant send you a check out right away.' That obviously hasn't happened," the Kentwood man recalled.

Johnson added, "Somebody suggested we contact FOX 17 and the Problem Solvers. So we thought we'd give it a shot and see if this helps out."

The Problem Solvers called Charles Eric Jones on Friday and left a message. Jones didn't call back. Monday morning, we went door-knocking at the address listed on the contract.

A man came to the door and said Jones wasn't home. Minutes later, Jones pulled up in his truck. We approached it in the street.

"Sir, are you Eric Jones? You're Eric Jones," we asked the man in the truck.

Jones replied, "You guys can leave."

The Problem Solvers continued to ask questions in the street. Jones' window was rolled down.

We said, "We're trying to help a family, Dan and Cheryl Johnson... $2,360 they're trying to get back. They're supposed to be getting re-siding done. They paid you back in October.".

Jones said, "It'll get it done."

"When?" we asked.

"It'll get done. Turn the camera off. Turn the camera off," Jones said.

We replied, "They say you've been unresponsive."

"No, I've been responsive to them," Jones said.

We replied, "December 6th? That's a long time."

"Leave. I have nothing further to say to you guys," Jones exclaimed.

"They want their money back. Are you going to give them their money back?" we asked him.

Jones stayed in his truck after he pulled into his driveway. So we waited to ask questions from the street once he got out. He stayed in his vehicle; we couldn't get in more questions. However, eight minutes later the Kalamazoo Police showed up.

The officers had a brief chat with Jones before telling us what we already knew. We were on public property and had every right to be there as we tried to get answers and Dan Johnson’s money back.

Johnson said, "That's what I left in my voicemails. I don't need to take his name down. I don't need to give him bad press. I don't need to do anything. I just want my money back."

Johnson said he plans to pursue all avenues, including small claims court and filing a police report.

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