“He totally just demolished this house,” Battle Creek homeowner says after car crashes into home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. –A house was badly damaged after a person crashed into it early Monday evening.

David England lives in the house at the corner of Harvard and Woolnough. He was at work in Kalamazoo when he was told a car had plowed into the front of his house. His son was the only one inside at the time.

“He was in the basement,” England says. “He called her [England’s wife] in a panic saying that someone had just ran into the house.”

Car crashes into Battle Creek house at Harvard & Woolnough. Courtesy photo.

Car crashes into Battle Creek house at Harvard & Woolnough. Courtesy photo.

England got home in time to see the car being pulled from the side of the house.

“He just totally demolished this house,” England says. “We had a breakfast nook…it’s now over here in multiple pieces. And there are bricks literally in our kitchen, and the kitchen is on the opposite side of the house.”

England told FOX 17 that neighbors told him they saw two vehicles drag racing down the street. One car seemingly nudged the other, sending it out of control into the house.

“They were guessing 90 miles an hour. But there’s nothing official from police, it’s just speculation from everyone watching.”

Car crashes into Battle Creek house at Harvard & Woolnough. Courtesy photo.

Car crashes into Battle Creek house at Harvard & Woolnough. Courtesy photo.

England says he was told the driver was arrested and taken to the hospital with arm injuries. He says he has lots of adjectives to describe the driver, but is settling for “stupidity” for now.

“This stuff is all replaceable. Life is not,” England says. “Had that kid killed himself or killed my son, it’d be an entirely different situation.”

He has a message to other drivers who may be tempted to speed in a residential area:

“Don’t do things like this. Obey the law. Pay attention when you’re driving. Stay off your phones. Do the right thing when you’re in your car, because you can kill people.”

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1 Comment

  • siouxremer

    I live right across the street from where this happened and heard the impact into my neighbor’s house. What a relief their son and dog are okay. Wondering why the delay in finding out who the driver is and whether the car was his or not? Is he still in school? 18 is an adult by law. What about the other driver? Large pieces of that car were left in the Englands’ front yard, so it shoudn’t be too hard to identify this vehicle if it is still on the street. This is a serious incident – All the intersections on Harvard should have 4-way stop signs… not that these two would have been impressed.

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