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DIY crafts for burnt out lightbulbs

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Usually when light bulbs burn out, they get thrown away. Instead of throwing them away, try turning them into these nifty treasures.

Light Bulb Vase

(via Wednes-DIY Home D├ęcor: The Light Bulb Vase | Free People Clothing Boutique Blog):

Grab some pliers and some wire. Use the pliers to pull out the siler part of the bulb then remove the black cap from the bottom. Finally, remove the glass tube and wiring inside, then fill it with water to create a vase! Goggles and gloves are recommended for this craft.

Decorative Pears

Great idea! Wrap light bulbs wrapped in twine...what a nice way to recycle burnt out bulbs and they make beautiful pears..:

Grab some twine, a glue gun, and small sticks to transform old light bulbs into decorative pears.

Bunny Pal

Girl easter bunny painted light bulb crafts easter by giftshop1:

Grab yourself some craft paint, ribbon, fake flowers, felt, and some burlap. No one will even recognize that the base of this craft is a burnt out light bulb!


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