High-speed police chase ends in fiery crash; 2 killed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENTWOOD, Mich. — A high-speed chase involving a Michigan State Police trooper ended in a fiery crash that killed two people Saturday night.

Around 10 p.m, Michigan State Police attempted to conduct a traffic stop but the suspect refused to stop and a chase ensued.

The car being chased by police drove through the intersection of Broadmoor Ave. SE and 52nd Street and crashed into another vehicle going northbound. A witness tells FOX 17 this caused both vehicles to explode into flames.

The driver of the northbound vehicle — now identified as Tara Oskam, 21, of Grand Rapids, a student at Calvin College — was pronounced dead at the scene.

A passenger of the suspect vehicle was also pronounced dead at the scene, but no name is being released at this time.

The driver of the suspect vehicle sustained serious injuries but is listed in stable condition.

As of early Sunday morning, police have shut down traffic at Broadmoor & Patterson Avenue SE in addition to Broadmoor Ave. SE and 52nd Street.

Circumstances surrounding the chase are not yet known.

On Sunday, Calvin College president Michael LeRoy issued the following statement:

"Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

I am deeply saddened to inform you that we have lost a member of our college community. Tara Oskam, a junior at Calvin College from Grand Rapids, Michigan was killed in a traffic accident around 10 p.m. last night. She was a South Christian High School graduate, a speech pathology major and lived with friends in the campus apartments. Recognized as a gifted student and campus leader, Tara was loved and admired by many.

Please join with us in praying that God’s peace will guard the hearts and minds of Tara’s family and friends as they walk through this difficult time and for one another as we grieve the loss of a beloved member of our Calvin community. Please also know that staff in our Broene Counseling Center (616-526-6123) and Campus Ministries offices (616-526-8861) are here to support you as you process this news.

The community will gather to pray during tonight's LOFT service at 8 p.m. in the College Chapel.

We will send along more information when it becomes available.

With a heavy heart,

Michael Le Roy, President"

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    • Amazed

      What happened to a healthy respect for authority? People need to respect police and abide by the laws that are there to protect the public. Flashers mean pull over, not try to get away endangering multiple lives. No broken law-or following it by pulling over- would have resulted in no death. This attitude compounds the issue for police and helps offenders like this feel justified.

      • Common Cents

        Belief in authority is the belief in slavery. Authority is the false belief that some people have the right to physically and mentally control other beings with free will.

        • Common Cents is an IDIOT

          Common cents is an idiot – but since you don’t like authority – move to Venezuela – there is a collapsed Marxist government that has no authority – you should love it there!

        • Jack Grenan

          WHAT????? So parents, teachers. supervisors, guards, ……..show NOT have any authority? Sometime in your life your anger lead you to these ideas! Your anger has lead you to this type of ultimate philosophy of life. So how do you handle encounters with police. Have you ever attended college? If so how do you deal with their authority if the professor disagrees with you? What about God? Are you an atheist . I would think you have to be, to support your beliefs. Your obvious pain and anger will only hurt and ultimately destroy you and hopefully not others. I pray that you get help to ease your own pain and /or loss.

        • Buck Cannon

          “Belief in authority is the belief in slavery. Authority is the false belief that some people have the right to physically and mentally control other beings with free will.” What you are writing means you think no one has the power (authority) to tell anyone else what to do or how to act. Everyone is free to run their life as they see fit without interference from anyone else. Great concept until you get someone like the murder in this story who lives exactly as you say; no one will tell him what to do or how to act because that is akin to slavery. How do you say anyone is ever wrong then? If the murderer in this situation says you are keeping him in slavery by telling him he cannot do something you are exerting your authority, and your morality, over him. But, you say, HE harmed someone else and therefore he exerted HIS authority over that other person. No, the other person got in his way, and he will say that person tried to exert their control over him by interfering with him, therefore he has a right to kill that person. But you say killing is wrong, it is exerting authority over someone. No, it is stopping someone from getting in his way and that is how he chose to take care of HIS problem. Even if you were to say killing is wrong you are exerting your morality onto someone else. Your naive saying is just plain silly and illogical because anything you say can be turned around into you trying to impose your authority and/or morality on others. In your society you could have no rules, no laws, no right or wrong and that could never work. Society NEEDS limits on what people can do. Without authority (laws) you have anarchy. That is the problem with leftists. They have all these cute little sayings but none of them are logical or would ecver work. Leftists seem to believe in fairy dust and unicorns and blame others for “authority” while they burn down businesses and scream and disrupt gatherings to make sure the persons words and thoughts cannot be heard but they cannot even see how hypocritical they are; imposing their authority on others they disagree with while telling us they do not believe in authority??!!

    • Buck Cannon

      Common Cents wrote “No police, no chase, no death. Police are cancer on a free society.” What lack of “Common Cents” does not understand, without police we would not have a free society; we would be living in anarchy. If “Common Cents” naive wish came true and all the police disappeared overnight, it would be painfully obvious within 24 hours why police are needed. Chaos would reign. I hope “Common Cents” is never able to turn his/her naivete gibberish into a reality, for his/her anarchist’s dream would instantly become a national nightmare. This me “dream” is what the terrorist group Black Lives Matter wants too. We witnessed what happens when a mayor orders police to not respond to criminals going wild. We all saw Baltimore burn as the Black Lives Matter terrorists and others burned stores, robbed stores and beat innocent people. That was a small taste of “Common Cents” anarchist dream.

  • Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

    The driver of the vehicle that refused to stop needs to be charged with First Degree Murder and never leave prison for the rest of their natural life!

  • Rose

    Even if the police had not been chasing these suspects, they most likely would have still have been speeding away to avoid the police. I wondered how long it would take for someone to blame the police instead of the criminals breaking the law. How do we KNOW they were criminals? They were speeding AND not stopping for traffic lights!

  • Gary McPherson

    This person obviously cares about no one including himself to make such careless and reckless decisions. Whatever this person was running from couldn’t have been worse than horrendously taking the lives of three people. A person who does not care is a very dangerous person. Its such a shame that he lives and everyone else tragically died.

    May GOD be with those that died, their family and friends.

  • Jack Grenan

    Looks like a stolen car case at 1st but the police just released that the driver took a relatives car so now possibilities turn to drinking, drugs or a driver with a warrant but no thinking ” is this worth dying for?”. I think the suspect survived as police pulled him out of a burning car and a innocent college student is dead! What a waste, prayers to the familes. Yes the chase is in question , but hold your opinion until you get ALL the facts.

  • Buck Cannon

    I am sick of hearing how this is the fault of the Trooper of the Michigan State Police. I cannot believe people are “outraged” at the trooper instead of being “outraged” at the criminal that caused this entire thing! How about blaming the thug that decided to run from the police and decided to exit the highway at a high rate of speed? How about blaming the criminal that decided to ignore everyone else and flew through the intersection of Broadmoor Ave. SE and 52nd Street and crashed into another vehicle going northbound. How about blaming the selfish criminal driver that decided to put the lives of everyone in that area at risk so he wouldn’t get a ticket!!?? How about blaming this murderer who murdered this innocent woman, murdered his young cousin and could have murdered the State Trooper and anyone else for his selfish reasons! This Trooper puts his life on the line everyday for you and I; blaming him for doing the job we ask him to do is ridiculous. The people blaming this Trooper have the same mindset as all those other “cop haters” we are reading about all over the United States. These haters find it easy to blame the police and never blame the criminal.