Covert Twp inducts 4-year-old as honorary police officer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COVERT TWP, Mich. – Upholding the law is a difficult job, especially if you’re 4-years-old. Tuesday night the Covert police department added a new officer to its force by making Skylar Sturdevant an honorary officer.

Tuesday night, the Covert Township Police Department added a new officer to its force by making Skylar Sturdevant an honorary officer.

“It’s nice that we made a positive impact in her life,” says Chief Jay Allen with Covert Twp police. “And that we put a smile on her face a couple of times.”

Skyler’s mom says her daughter has “Periodic Fever Syndrome”.

“As soon as she gets the fever it will be followed by a vomiting spell,” says Brandi Sturdevant, Skyler’s mom. “And the vomiting spell is followed by dry heaving.”

It all started with a random act of kindness by police a few weeks ago at a restaurant in South Haven. Three officers from the Covert police department met Skyler while eating at a Chinese restaurant.  The officers learned Skyler is battling a rare disease and they wanted to help inspire her to keep fighting. When they found out  Skyler adores and looks up to police officers, they decided to add one to their ranks.

Chief Allen decided to have a special swearing in ceremony at the town hall, to make Skyler an honorary officer. She was thrilled, and joined by her mother and father. Her dad says he's impressed with her strength.

"She's my kid," Joshua Sturdevant said. "When they are tougher than you, that's awesome."


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