Unwind & relax with a hot tub from Watson’s

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Finding time to unwind can be hard, but when there's time to relax, soaking in a hot tub is high on the list of relaxing activities.

Watson's has multiple brands of hot tubs, each providing their own unique form of comfort and relaxation.

One of Watson's best brands of hot tubs is the Bullfrog, which has interchangeable jet packs. With the ability to change the jets while there is water in the tub, there are 16 different jet motions for ultimate relaxation.

Another brand is the Viking, which has two different series of jets: the standard and the waterfall jets. The waterfall jets take water from the tub, and dump it on top of the user like a warm waterfall. The Viking also comes with lights and cup holders.

In terms of maintenance, hot tubs don't require much. Hot tubs need to be tested once a week to make sure the water has the proper amount of chemicals, and always need to be covered when not in use.

If a hot tub is something on the top of your wish list, Watson's offers multiple payment plans so that you can get the hot tub you've always dreamed of to complete your home. To make it even more cost effective, using a hot tub will only increase the electric bill no more than $20 a month.

Watson's is located at 3640 29th Street Southeast in Kentwood. For more information on their products, call (616)-285-2900.

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