‘Stinger the Dog’ becomes a work of art

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich– The local animal rescue Luvnpupz has received some extra money for medical bills, thanks to an artistic donation.

Stinger watercolor done by local artist

Local artist, Stephen Strowbridge recently created a 5×7 watercolor of Stinger the Dog and donated it to the rescue to sell. The piece ended up fetching $175 which will go towards their animals’ medical costs at Allegan Veterinary Clinic.

Luvnpupz tells FOX 17 they currently have seven dogs receiving medical care: Four are being treated for mange, one has a fractured skull, one has a shattered leg and one was found emaciated and frostbitten.

That’s in addition to the weekly costs associated with caring for Stinger. The Pit-Mix first got national attention in September 2016, after he was stung by hundreds of bees and abandoned by his owners. He was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, making his care too expensive to ever be adopted out to a family.

Left October 2016, Right February 2017

Since being taken in by Luvnpupz, Stinger has served as an un-official ambassador for the rescue, raising awareness about animal welfare and even making a few appearances on FOX 17.

Liz Bielik VanderWal, who purchased the painting says she’s thrilled to have it and has been following Stinger’s story for months. She plans to put it in her home office next to photos of her dog, Molly and her dog Lexy, who recently passed away.

Luvnpupz is always looking for donations and volunteers to help their animals out. They also have several pets currently available for adoption.


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