Myths about treating chronic neck and back pain

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Don't be left out of Spring and Summer activities because of chronic neck and back pain. There's a non-surgical, non-invasive way to regain an active lifestyle with Total Health Chiropractic's DRX9000 program.

Dr. Christopher Miller, the official chiropractor for the Grand Rapids Griffins, breaks some myths about neck and back pain, and why Total Health's program is the better option.

Myth #1: Injections are a safe option to relieve neck and back pain.

A lot of patients think this is going to be a safe solution for them, however there are a lot of negative side effects that come with injections. Side effects can range from rotting the bones, lead to diabetes, to even death.

When the body is in pain, that's the body's way of telling us there's a problem and to not push it, otherwise it becomes worse. Injections might not make you feel pain, but the problem is still there; by doing activities the spine will keep deteriorating and will eventually get to the point where the shots won't be effective.

Myth #2: Neck and back pain is only caused by injury.

While injury is a cause of neck and back pain, there are many other factors that could be the cause of pain. Actions like repetitive motions, improper lifeting or bending, and even smoking cigarettes could lead to spinal conditions.

Myth #3: Surgery is the only option to correcting the problem causing my neck and back pain.

According to Dr. Miller, back surgery is a hopeless recommendation and a lot of patients don't want surgery. Many patients he's seen have had failed neck and back surgery, which leads to more problems.

With Total Health's DRX9000 program, they can offer true non-surgical spinal decompression as a safe non-invasive alternative to neck and back surgery. The medical device is used to heal and repair injured discs and degeneration of the spine.

Dr. Miller says that many of his patients get such long term relief because they're going to the source of the problem and correcting what's causing the pain.

Total Health Chiropractic is offering a special deal for Morning Mix viewers. The first five callers will receive a consultation and exam for just $54, saving $180.

For more information on the DRX9000 or Total Health, call (616)-828-0861.

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