Managing back pain

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A  majority of Americans experience back pain at least once in their lifetime, but the exact root of the problem can vary widely.

Dr. Diane Czuk-Smith from Spectrum Health, explains different causes and the treatments for back pain.

According to Dr. Czuk-Smith, most of the issues she deals with are related to the spine.

"When people have back pain and neck pain, and starting to use their body more like this, they then have to look up and they get a kink in their neck."

There are different ways of treating the issue, depending on the specific location of the problem.

Epidural steroids, which usually only relieve pain for about a month, are used in combination with physical therapy to build up strength and reign proper posture.

Another treatment option for back pain is called radio frequency, where heat is used to take the sensation out of the joints for about a year.

Dr. Czuk-Smith adds that new genetic testing, anti-inflammation diets and more research is working towards driving down the number of people with back pain.

"Over the years we've come to find out that just using a single therapy actually disables people more, so were combining therapies to make them succeed, and help people get better forever, despite changes in their spine."

Spectrum Health Spin & Pain Management Center is located on 1900 Wealthy Street Southeast in Suite 290. For more information, call (616)-774-8350.

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