“Giraffe Cam” being taken down after April suffers leg injury

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Giraffe Cam

HARPURSVILLE, New York– Millions of people have been tuning into the livestream of April the Giraffe over the past few months, but now, Animal Adventure Park says they plan to discontinue to the live feed.

On Monday, the park posted on Facebook that just days after giving birth to her calf, April suffered a small twist to one of her legs, which is not uncommon with animals her size. The park says they’ve been bogged down with messages about April, which have been clogging their email servers and say it’s the reason why they’re taking the “Giraffe Cam” down.

As of Monday evening, that livestream was still running.

April has been the subject of international attention since that live feed was turned on in February. On Saturday, after months of anticpation, the giraffe gave birth to her fourth calf.

The Animal Adventure Park currently has a contest underway to name the male calf. It costs $1 to cast a vote, and the park says the money raised will go towards three different causes: giraffe conservation, “Ava’s Little Heroes” which is an event named after the park owners’ daughter who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy, and further improvements at Animal Adventure Park.



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  • Linda Progar

    I don’t blame AAP for pulling the live cam.. Some people feel the need to tell Dr Tim, Jordan and Alyssa how to do their jobs.. It’s a shame they have to ruin it for others. I want to thank AAP and their wonderful staff for the great care they’ve given to the magnificent creatures.. This has been an opportunity that I will never forget.. I wish you all the luck and love in the world on your journey with this beautiful Park..
    Thank you for the opportunity to get to know each and every one of you.. Jordan, Allyssa, Corey and Dr Tim.
    I know April will make a great Mother and can hopefully have one more… She has such a sweet disposition.. Oliver will go on to be a Big Bull Stud now that he’s become a star!! Baby G will grow up big and strong like his Daddy and go on to make babies as well.. What a terrific bloodline they have going.. I’ll miss seeing them everyday, they’ve become a big part of my life and millions of others around the world..
    Once again, I thank you for the wonderful job you’re doing not only with the Giraffes but all the animals at the Park..
    Wishing you Love, Luck and Happiness!!!

  • cynthia

    I just watched her ignore her calf for feeding..as soon as he tried, she moved away, he tried again, she moved away again. I hope things go well so he can stay with mom, and nurse. It’s the 8th…

    • Patricia Allton

      Cynthia do not worry.. April is feeding the baby plenty as it’s gaining almost 2lbs everyday on it’s weigh in being done.. She knows what is best for baby and the baby could have just eaten and was trying again as most “children” try to eat too much at times. I am retired and watched this occur on numerous times where he nurses long and in a couple minutes he’s back but Mom knows best…It’s nature at work…

  • Debi Hoffman

    We live in Michigan. I have always told our grown kids that I will never travel to New York due to my anxiety of crowds. Thanks to Adventure Park live feed and my new found love of giraffes. Jordan, Alyssa, and Cory we Will be visiting this summer for my 50th birthday!! Thanks Guys!

  • Susan

    Bologna. They’re contemplating turning off cam because the birth is over and the Spring Zoo opening is fast coming up. The feed is still live on YouTube.

  • Patricia Allton

    AAP told it’s viewers it was removing the cam five days after the birth of the baby BEFORE April gave birth. They stated they could not run the park and handle the cam both. They also stated the expense of it all and was the REASON TOYSRUS took over the cam in the agreement made with them to sponsor the april toy..They also stated that the massive emails helped play a role in the fact they may pull it earlier than the five days specified in the original statement, so it seems they stuck to the original decision of pulling it in 5 days..

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