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Healthcare aide sentenced after stealing money from man’s wheelchair-accessible van fund

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KENT COUNTY, Mich. -- A woman who was employed as a man's healthcare aide in Walker stole money that came from a GoFundMe account for his wheelchair-accessible van. Tuesday she was sentenced to probation, jail time and restitution.

Kendra Streeter, 23, was convicted of a felony for using Bryon Beutler's debit card to steal money from him last October. Monday Kent County Circuit Judge Paul Sullivan sentenced her to two years' probation, 90 days in jail to be served at some point after she gives birth next month to her third child, and $500 restitution to Beutler.

"You're there to provide help for [Beutler], and you can take advantage of that and you steal from him: someone who really doesn't have a lot of money to live on," said Judge Sullivan to Streeter during her sentencing. "You were aware of that, weren't you?"

"Yes," Streeter said.

Streeter told Judge Sullivan she does not have a high school diploma or any healthcare license, but was trained for about one month by Network 180 last May. Immediately after Spectrum Community Services employed her as a Community Living Supports worker who cared for Beutler June through September 2016.

"I was shocked, you know?" Beutler said to FOX 17 Tuesday. "Betrayed."

Last October Beutler says he found money missing from his bank account. He was shocked when surveillance photos showed his former caretaker Streeter stole from him.

"[My healthcare workers] are my hands and my feet," said Beutler. "I depend on them for everything."

In December, Beutler and his roommate Aaron Young showed FOX 17 how important their caretakers are when Spectrum Community Services announced they were unexpectedly cutting their Community Living Support services, which were their around-the-clock aides.

Beutler explained to Judge Sullivan he faces anxiety from Streeter stealing some of the money that would have helped fund buying a wheelchair-accessible van.

“I can’t trust anybody anymore," Beutler said in court.

Now he warns others who rely on caretakers to keep personal banking information private.

"Be careful with your aide because you're vulnerable," said Beutler.

Beutler continues to raise money for a wheelchair-accessible van and says he and Young are happier with their current CLS aides with Real Life Living Services. If you would like to help Beutler see his GoFundMe.

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