Verizon cell phone tower to be built despite neighborhood complaints

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VERGENNES TWP, Mich. — An appeal to deny the construction of a Verizon cell phone tower setting up in a small town was shot down by the Vergennes Township Board of Appeals Wednesday night.

The tower project was approved in February, and will be built on private property near some homes on Beckwith Drive, standing about 200-feet tall. This has some in the small town upset about how it’s going to impact the aesthetics of the community.

“We in this neighborhood do not the place for the tower in this neighborhood,” said someone during public comment. “This is not just a pole. There will be fencing, there will be a generator, there will be an access road and maintenance trips.”

Bob Seif lives near where the Verizon site will be. He says the tower will be an eyesore.

“We’re not opposed to cell phone towers,” Seif said. “We all like better cell coverage and could use better coverage out here. The problem is this is not a very good location. It’s right in a residential area, and it’s right on a residential lot.”

A lawyer for Verizon defended their choice of location, saying that if they put it a couple miles north like some residents suggest then it wouldn’t properly provide cell service to that area.

Township board members say Verizon followed the proper steps in getting their tower approved, and thus denied the residents’ appeal.

Construction on the tower may happen as soon as this week.


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  • Ken

    Both the Township board and appeal board proved to be totally incompetent on this situation and allowed big corporate threats to push this project in their favor. Simply disgusting!!!

    • NIMBY(Not in my back yard)

      Ken, how exactly did they push the Township around? Was there something in the ordinance they didn’t adhere to? Seems like it is more a case of people wanting the service, just not in their neighborhood.