Vicksburg Softball Hitting the Record Books

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VICKSBURG, Mich. -- The Vicksburg softball team has been an offensive powerhouse the past couple of years, winning back-to-back district titles and making it all the way to the state championship game last spring. They've also broke some individual and team MHSAA records, crediting their success to putting in the work every single day.

“These young girls have had a lot of good coaching from the time that they were young," Coach Paul Gephart said. "And we started a core group of them, three of them, since they were freshman and another two, so we’re senior heavy this year. We have five seniors. And they’re just very talented and they’re very driven.

Junior Avery Slancik agreed. “Just getting better every single day and taking one game at a time, especially because we have to win districts before we win everything else."

“We put in a lot of effort and work and we work really well together and hang out a lot as a team and stuff, so we know each other really well," Grace Stock said.

And their team bonding definitely shows. In 2015, the team batted .460 on the year, tying for second all-time in the state and in 2016, they had the third most RBIs in state history with 366. Seniors Shaidan Knapp, Grace Stock and Carlie Kudary all hold records of their own as well.

“Its pretty nice. It kind of shows all the hard work that we have been doing has paid off," Senior Shaidan Knapp smiled. "And of course it makes us feel good like wow we have come that far and we’ve been in the record books and stuff. It’s nice.”

“Along with one game at a time, Gephart always tells us team first," centerfielder Carlie Kudary added. "So it’s all about team here and we try not to be individuals but we come together and become a part of something greater."

“It’s amazing. It’s great. It’s a great feeling," Coach Gephart gushed. "Again it’s those three girls. Been playing since they were freshman. Last year all three of them were all-state, so I’m very happy for them. And it definitely makes coaching easier.”

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