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Gins trending in West Michigan

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Sip it, have it on the rocks, or mix it. Gin is a drink that's been around for a very long time, but a lot of people don't know all the different flavors that are associated with the drink.

While the base ingredient for gin is juniper, many other botanicals can be added to it to add certain flavors. Ingredients like anise, coriander, grains of passion, and citrus rinds are just some of the ingredients that can make many different flavors of gin.

Gin can be sweet, spicy or dry depending on the different ingredients added to it

Gin isn't only meant to be drunk alone, but is often mixed with other beverages. One example is the Red Snapper, which is similar to a Bloody Mary, but it's made with gin.

Leigh Ann went to experts at D. Schuler's to learn more about the different kinds of gin.

D. Schuler's Fine Wine and Spirits is located at 2754 44th Street Southwest in Wyoming. For more information visit

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