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Simple health swaps; replacing grains with vegetables

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Trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight can be challenging, but with simple food swaps eating healthy can be delicious!

Deb Warren, Bariatric Dietician from Mercy Health, shows off some healthy food options that not only help people lose weight, but keep the weight off.

Cauliflower Rice

Instead of choosing white rice, use cauliflower rice as a substitute. Cauliflower will take on the flavor of what it's paired with, just like white rice. Cauliflower rice can be hand made by putting fresh cauliflower in a food processor, or it can be bought pre-made in the frozen section.

Spaghetti Squash

Instead of pasta, spaghetti squash is a healthier substitute than white and wheat pastas. It's very easy to prepare in the microwave, oven, or even a crock pot. Just poke the sides of the squash and microwave it for a few minutes to make the vegetable easier to cut. Spaghetti squash can make a very delicious dish paired with marinara, alfredo, or a flavorful broth.

Mushroom Pizza

Instead of an English muffin or doughy crust, use a portabella mushroom cap as the crust! It's handy, easy, and everyone can choose their own toppings for the pizza. Just prebake the cap for five minutes, then put topping on and back until the cheese is melted.

This recipe is create for the kids because they can add the toppings themselves.

.For more tips, recipes and ideas like West Michigan Moves and Mercy Health on Facebook.

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