Bill would eliminate state’s pistol registration mandate

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Glendale, UNITED STATES: A man chooses a gun at the Gun Gallery in Glendale, California, 18 April 2007. The massacre at Virginia Tech has ignited fresh talk in the Democratic-led US Congress about tightening US gun laws but it is doubtful enough lawmakers will tackle the politically charged issue. With so many citizens in love with their guns and defensive of their right under the Constitution to keep and bear arms, politicians are reluctant to take on gun owners or the powerful gun lobby. (GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan lawmaker has drafted legislation that aims to eliminate the state’s pistol registration mandate.

Under current state law, a person cannot purchase, carry, possess, or transport a pistol in Michigan without first obtaining a license for it.

But reports that a bill introduced by Republican state Rep. Lee Chatfield of Levering would make those registrations optional, and eliminate the $250 fine for not registering.

Chatfield says Michigan’s requirement does little to fight crime and the government has no need for a “list of law-abiding citizens who legally purchase pistols.”

The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Judiciary. It would need to pass the full House, full Senate and be approved by Gov. Rick Snyder to become law.

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  • George

    I’m 100% pro gun and even I think this us STUPID.
    More gang bangers with guns and it would be legal ? NO WAY.

    • Common Cents

      It doesn’t allow anyone to purchase a gun that couldn’t before. It hinders the government from having a database of lawful gun owners.

  • steve

    This is something you might expect from a Wayne County Democrat., but not a Republican from up north. The guy’s sure thinking like a lame-brained liberal.

  • tony

    This is a good step, especially considering that there’s no long gun registry. 43 other states run this way, and their violence is NOTABLY lower than MI (esp. Detroit). I follow current law, but don’t like being on any extra lists. I also don’t like knowing that at a legislator’s whim (consider Massachusetts A.G.), my handgun might be deemed “illegal” “too powerful” or “high capacity” — then what? Would they come forcibly take it? That’s crazy. (Look at New Orleans after Katrina – state police and natl guard went to REGISTERED gun owners to disarm them – probably when they needed it most)

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