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Will it rain this weekend? Vol. 1

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WEST MICHIGAN-  This is the most popular question of the summer, anywhere I go.  While it’s only “unofficially” summer, I’ve heard this about 10 times already.  We’ll start a new series here at FOX 17 (or I will, I suppose,) because it’s what everyone wants to know as they plan their travels to the lake or up north, etc.

photo courtesy of Terry Lowery

Every time someone sees the rain icon on their phone for the weekend days, I feel like the picture above accurately describes how they think that day will be.  Even though I’ve gone on and on about how most phone weather apps are trash (except ours because we update it,) the quick way people check the weather is the standard computer-generated phone app which sometimes shows a rainy icon that takes up the whole day.

You may see the rain icon on Saturday and think that your entire plans are ruined.  The earliest we’ll see rain is just before sunset on Saturday night.  This leaves most of your day very dry.  A warm front will move into the area and an isolated storm is possible then, but our better opportunity will be overnight.

A better line of showers and thunderstorms will be expected overnight Saturday into Sunday as a weak cold front moves through.

Most of the rain is out of here by early Sunday morning and we can expect excellent weather Sunday as well, with an isolated storm still possible, but unlikely.  Cooler air settles in next week, but Monday looks to be the coolest of the next few.  Once again…it will not rain all weekend!  Don’t listen to your bad weather app icon and get out the sunscreen.  Enjoy the weekend and stay tuned for the next episode in this summer long saga!

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