New legislation aims to get rid of concealed pistol licenses

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan residents could soon be able to carry concealed pistols without a license.

House bills look to remove the need for a concealed pistol permit. Manton Republican state Rep. Michele Hoitenga says she sees too many law-abiding citizens getting in trouble by not having their license.

Tom Lambert is president of Michigan Open Carry Inc. He says the legislation doesn’t change any existing laws and only defines where people could conceal carry without a permit.

Blaine Koops is executive director for the Michigan Sheriff’s Association. He opposes the legislation because he has concerns about public and officer safety. He says he is willing to work with lawmakers on changes.

The legislation was voted out of committee last week and will be voted on in the full House soon.

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  • Matthew Bongers

    A piece of paper will not stop those who intend to commit a crime. People who want to be left alone and are unable to physically overcome anyone threating harm will benefit the most. Creating ignorance and laws to back up that ignorance results in states like Illinois where crime skyrockets due to prohibition laws.

    • Joe Canuski

      Spot on, George. Rep. Michele Hoitenga is an idiot. If you are not responsible enough to carry your CPL then you are not responsible enough to carry a pistol. I’ve carried since 2006 and never have I forgotten to carry my CPL. Ignorance is no excuse. Obviously, Rep. Michele Hoitenga thinks it is…..

    • Tom

      You do realize you can open carry in this state already without a permit at all but you are saying buy a peice of paper just to hide the gun that sounds dumb to me

  • John

    While I agree with people taking classes to ensure they know the laws and proper use, I certainly disagree with the extra fees added to the “right” to keep and bear firearms. Push it through or make the existing law cost citizens no money.

  • RG

    Don’t change the law. Education and training are required to get a CPL. If you can’t pass the test, you shouldn’t be allowed to carry.

  • Uncle Fester

    But what you two are ignoring is, criminals carry without a CPL, with an unregistered and most likely stolen pistol.
    Do you think they will begin to obey the law?
    Im against this bill, but your reasoning is whacked. I just don’t want MORE criminals carrying weapons and this bill with make it easier for them

  • Tazz

    I have read everyone’s comments and do understand where you all are coming from. As almost everyone has stated criminals that want a gun will find a way to get one. The truth of it is that there will almost always be 2 to 100 times as many honest responsible Americans any where a criminal will try to commit a crime. The biggest deturent for those criminals would be if everyone would be allowed to carry unrestricted everywhere. What that would do is create a fear amongst criminals not knowing who all could have a gun and who has the nerve to shoot them while committing a crime. 3 countries have already proved it works Iceland, Sweden, and the Netherlands citizens are free to carry any gun they chose every where they go without registration and they have almost no violent or gun crimes. Think about it look at the violent and gun crimes here especially in states like Illinois where they have band guns. Primarily almost any gun crime would only come from those with mental illness such as depression where Simone wants to die but don’t have the nerve to take their own life and wants Simone to do it for them. We need to think about it logically and scientifically not based on personal beliefs. People kill people guns are merely a tool no more dangerous than a knife, hammer, or screwdriver. In Montcalm county a man stabbed his x-girlfriend over 100 times but we don’t ban screwdrivers.

  • Kris

    The funny thing is…the constitution grants us the right to bear arms against enemies both foreign and domestic. No where does it stipulate concealed or not. Just the right to bear arms, period. Aside from that…people kill people, guns are merely a means to that end. Just as a knife, tire iron, golf club, baseball bat, lamp, rock, pencil, pipe, vehicle, bottle, or anything else one could bludgeon someone else with, impale, or choke with is. C’mon! Weapons aren’t the problem, emotionally and/or mentally dammaged people are. Offer free assistance for those people and the violence will dramatically decrease. Moreover, get back to teaching respect for life, self-respect, and respect for others. That would be better yet.

  • Michael

    “Manton Republican state Rep. Michele Hoitenga says she sees too many law-abiding citizens getting in trouble by not having their license.”

    That wouldn’t exactly make them law abiding citizens would it? A CPL really isn’t all that hard to get for those that want to carry. The CPL process provides much needed training. I’m not sure why anybody would be against that.

  • Mike Stollenwerk

    This lede is not appropriate at all! The legislation would simply eliminate the need to have a concealed carry permit in Michigan. Michigan residents would still be able to obtain concealed handgun permits and use them in other states which accept the Michigan permit, as well as being immune to the federal gun free school zone statute in Michigan. learn more at And carry on!