Woodland Mall apologizes for kicking girl out for her attire

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The Woodland Mall is apologizing for apparently kicking a girl out of the mall this weekend for her attire.

Hannah Pewee posted on Facebook on Saturday that she had been kicked out of the mall for her attire. She claimed that others were dressed similarly, but she was being picked out.

We reached out to Hannah’s family on Sunday, but they didn’t want to speak about this issue.  Woodland Mall issued an apology on Hannah’s post and relayed it on several other posts on their page.




Hannah posted a follow up later on Sunday as well.

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  • Kat

    Wow, as a 27 year old female.. I feel for this girl. Literally every time I’m at Woodland Mall there are tons of girls walking around with their bootys hanging half way out of the bottom of their shirts/skirts…even girls who look no older than 13. Its shameful and embarrassing and sure, sometimes it makes me insecure that I would never be comfortable dressed like that because I have modesty and pride, so I dress how I feel comfortable which is no worse than this girl and I’ve never been asked to leave. This girl is dressed appropriately and does not deserve to be shamed. The ones that should be ashamed are the parents of the majority of girls seen at this place who dress much worse. As well as whoever made the call in this situation to not stand up to this complaint. Grand Rapids is a great place but this is embarrassing

  • LM

    How can you kick someone out of the mall based on dress code when you have stores IN the mall that sell very provocative clothing?! What a joke!

    • Michael

      The mall was wrong.

      But so is your statement. Spencer’s sells sex toys and other raunchy items. So since it’s sold there they should be able to wear them and use them in the mall? No.

  • drjackgrenan

    As an HR Coordinator for 2 large companies over the years I have a few questions about this incident. First WHO decided the girl should leave? Secondly where is the rule posted for any customers to be informed of ANY mall policies? Lastly, who are the employees/management who are truly that ignorant as how you treat CUSTOMERS, the key source of mall income! UNREAL, INEXCUSABLE AND A SIMPLE APOLOGY IS NOT ENOUGH, SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE SUSPENDED AND RETRAINED AND ALL THE MALLS POLICIES REVIEWED! Things like this are reasons companies get sued over things that SHOULD NEVER , I REPEAT NEVER HAPPEN! Dr Jack Grenan PhD

  • Stacey

    Her attire we only appropriate from the front, her butt cheeks were hanging out where back pockets should be. Instead of shaming maybe you should ask questions. She isn’t a victim, she wanted her 15 minutes of fame. Cover your bottom and you would not be kicked out. Shame on you!

  • Tango

    Real easy fix, boycott all malls, especially in bigoted, “ists” states.
    The US is quickly becoming just like Iraq.. So divided, so hating each other, breeding ground for war and all the profits that rich ratbastUrds eaglerly await.

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