Massive response to Family Fitness complaints; gym also responds

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST MICHIGAN -- A Problem Solvers story on Family Fitness drew a large response via social media, email, and by phone.

The complaints involve the gym's business practices, contracts, and a debt collection agency. There are various locations for the chain throughout West Michigan.

Today, the company's corporate office offered a response and said customer service is excellent. The management team said people are notified of past due bills by email within 30 days. For the next 60 to 90 days, people are notified by phone. Once the account is more than 110 days past due, the business said it sends the debt to collections.

The business said if anyone wants to revisit their contract, the company will be happy to work with them.

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  • Kathy

    Yeh they revisit your contract. I see here that you signed for 3 years sorry that’s all we can do. That’s all they said.

  • William

    An email to them isn’t returned for days. Their responses are unprofessional, there isn’t a phone number to call for help, and the locations can’t help with account issues either. They’re a terrible company and once my contract expires I’ll renew elsewhere with the hope their business fails.

  • K. Mueller

    Called and went in person to cancel membership the people were “never” available to cancel it. We even emailed them. As soon as we stopped auto pay. They started contacting us bugging for payment that we tried o cancel when it was current.

  • Alysha Moon

    When I signed up for a membership no one told me I would be locked in for 3 years and that if I tried to cancel I would have to pay the remander of the contract up front and then not be able to use the gym. They are so shady and unprofessional. On top of that they take yearly “membership maintenance charges” of $40 to do maintenance on the building. The equipment is old and falling apart and it seems like no one working there knows what they are doing. I recently started the nursing program so I had to drop my hours at work so I need all the money I can for more important bills so paying $25 a month for somthing I don’t have the time or money for seemed a bit redundant. Unfortunately if I want to cancel they can make me a deal because I’m a “valued” customer and only pay them $200 to cancel my account instead of the $369 left on my account. Which doesn’t sound right because how can you get to 369 if you are paying 25 each month…. hmmmm

    • BJ

      Dealing with this same issue. No only did we unknowingly get locked into a 3 year contract. We were never shown the contract until after we questioned some random charges and they had forged out signatures on the contract. Now they want us to pay the cancellation fee of over $700…..

  • CC

    We all listen about complaints of these crooked gyms and yet after you read the contract (or don’t) and they TELL you that you will be locked into a contract for three years or you will have to pay a penalty, you still signed right up! You want a workout? Get out side and bale some hay for a farmer that would love the help! And it is FREE!

  • paul

    people need to realize that u dont need a “gym” to obtain fitness,,,,,, the world is your gym. And go out and buy a few sets of free weights.. and there i have it,, and work out at home

  • Olinda

    It took me 3 months to cancel my membership with them they don’t tell you up front all the rules to cancel they lie and say they did and it’s a whole bunch of bull . They told me I could back out in under 30 days and when I tried they say was supposed to check in Al least 14 times and meet with a trainer …. Never was told that.i hate that gym and I make sure to tell everyone about what they did not just to me but to there I know

  • Carla kort

    My daughters never got emails or phone calls, just a call from the collection agency a year later. This company lies!

  • Dianne

    Our contract is finished. The most painful 3 years I have had to endure. Equipment most of the time did not work. Children allowed to run around and use the equipment even if you were waiting inline to use it. No one in the full 3 years spoke to me or asked if they could help me. After we signed the contract we found the back page was full items that we were never told about. (back page was kept in clip board so you could not see it). Tried to get out of the agreement once we found all the additional items we were not aware of. No one would help. Would never sign an agreement again and so far no other gym has asked for one.

  • Mel B

    I tried to cancel my contract yesterday. So I guess you can’t move either. I just closed my bank account so good luck on that….Here’s their response:
    “I understand that you would like to terminate the membership due to a recent – future move. If you are interested in canceling your membership due to a move we will need you to send us Current proof of your new address in form of driver’s license, utility bill or a new lease agreement in your name. Once we have that proof we will verify that your new address is 35 miles or more from one of our gym locations. Once that verification is complete you would be required to pay one month of your regular monthly dues and then our $75 movers cancellation fee (for each membership you have) and then your membership will be terminated and you will receive a confirmation email.
    Payments must be current at the time you send proof of move.
    Please note, your regular due payments cannot be stopped until we have a payment schedule put in place. We are unable to apply any previous payments to your discounted fee. Your regular payments will stop once we’ve accepted your proof.
    If you do not or cannot supply proof of move, we have a buyout option available. We can provide more information about this upon your reply-request.
    Thank you for understanding.

  • Michael

    Almost every problem here involves people not fully reading or understanding the contract. You sign at some crazy low introductory price but then get upset that you didn’t read the fine print. These are gym memberships- most have fine print, terms, and penalties just like the satellite company. Never believe a salesman- read what the document you are signing says!

    I had a membership once. The contract didn’t look like anything the terms the salesman/employee stated. They tried claiming it was an old contract and they didn’t have the new ones in yet. I made the employee cross off/rewrite every discrepancy.

    That being said it’s obvious they are in their own little world and oblivious if corporate releases a statement saying their customer service is excellent. That mark is determined by the customer not the business.

  • Melissa Barnes

    This company has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with! Not even a week after I signed the contract a tanning light bulb blew up while I was lying in it. That was the scariesy thing I ever dealt with. So I immediately told the worker behind the counter and she looked at me like I was nuts. All she said was that she would let the manager know. At that point, I told her that I would not be back! I was hurt, thankfully. But, what would happen nect time. I wasn’t willing to find out. I did call to talk with someone on at least 5 different occasions. Never recieved a return call let alone an apoligy. At least until this week. I have received 2, at which when I try to return the call, I get a voice mail. This place is a complete joke!

  • calvin

    I got charged for a membership I never opened.. charged me over $700 for a years membership 6 mo after I went in to get information on what services they had..they wen’t even full up and running yet.I never signed any agreement… took over 4 years of working with the BBB to get them to take it off my credit score this place is a rip off… don’t step foot in the doors unless you want to to get drawn into a big mess… and of course THEY say customer service is great…they want to lure more unsaspecting people in and take their money too!

  • chelleleann

    They just charged my account for a membership has been ended since January of 2016. The card is cancelled so it declined but I got an email stating that they couldn’t take my payment. WELL YOU SHOULDN’T BE! So I will be calling today to try to get it taken care of. We will see what happens. Pretty crappy. I finished my whole 1 year contract plus some extra crap payments, and now they are trying to charge me over a year and a half later. Fraud!

  • Mackenzie

    I signed up with family fitness and signed a month to month contract which is what they told me. A couple months later i realized they were charging me more and when I tried to cancel my contract they said I signed up for a three year contract not a month to month. When i tried to explain to them that the guy told me i was signing a month to month contract for $10 less a month then what i am paying at the moment they told me that they couldn’t help me and that I am will have to stick with the contract I was tricked into. Later i found out the guy was fired for doing this to multiple people I emailed them again explaining that and that I should be able to cancel my contract now and they still denied me and told me they would not help me. When I told them I am going to fight this contract they told me good luck because they had the contract they tricked me into signing and to find out multiple people have said this to them and they said the same thing every time. In my opinion do not go here! They didn’t help me at all with my problems, tricked me and tried taking my money in any way that they could. I had to wait the full three years to get out of that place.

  • Eddie

    I paid $200 cancellation fee, and they said if I ever posted my complaints to yelp or bbb, they would revoke my cancellation agreement and turn me into collections for the entire amount. I wanted to cancel because of the way the staff treated me after I complained about what I felt was an unsafe and unfair situation in the gym. I could have taken it to court, but I just do not have the time, money or energy to chase people like this.

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